Tuesday, March 9, 2021

RIP Brave Janice Matthews

I was saddened to see today that my friend Janice had passed away. Janice only ever had kind words for me and I have only good things to say, as did anyone I ever knew who crossed her path. Without saying too much, I need to say this... The cause of 9/11 truth is uniquely bipartisan and this is a fact Janice was well aware of. That being said, it isn't lauded for that, or much of anything for that matter. It is decried. So most won't fight for it, even if they think it is right to do so, because they fear being condemned. Janice, however, was even braver than this. She at times faced official harassment, to such an extent, as to allow her to be privy to an uncommon understanding... That the general premise of 9/11 truth is true! And yet she fought on, now that is bravery!

UPDATE: In another post, I felt compelled to finally just dish completely on this as it's too important not to...

Another example of this comes to us via my friend, the late Janice Matthews, of 911truth.org. She had a repair man recognize her from being in an Alex Jones film for something like 30 seconds or less, where it just showed her alongside a whole bunch of other protestors in NYC for the GOP convention in 2004. Very unlikely that he would have even seen the film at the time, let alone recognize and come into contact with by chance. But if there is still any doubt whatsoever, then having a repairman outside that wasn't ordered or authorized to be there, then claim that he had a work order in his van, only to abruptly speed off like a bat out of hell, shows us inadvertently, but clearly exactly what demons we are dealing with. In trying to hide their crimes, they have revealed their cards to us and failed miserably at their bluff. We don't know it all, but we know enough from the cover up, that we are correct. 9/11 was an inside job to some degree and we can fully exonerate gravity, but not our "leaders" depravity!

Janice Matthews, Co-Founder of 911Truth.org
1960 -- 2021

Message from Fran Shure:
It grieves me deeply to share that Janice Matthews passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack on Saturday, February 27, in her hometown of Kansas City while visiting family. She was one of the co-founders and Executive Director of 911Truth.org, the seminal organization that put the 9/11 Truth Movement on a solid footing. While I never met her in person, I always felt her warmth, friendship, and support.

For more about Janice, including a wonderful and informative 2007 interview with Carol Brouillet, click here.
The following obituary is from Mike Berger, her confidant and collaborator.

Janice Matthews was a fearless activist who shined light on diverse issues that a more conventional person would blot out to avoid the pain. She demonstrated boundless courage in speaking truth to power. Janice wrote, edited, or curated the majority of the thousands of articles and scholarly papers at this site [911Truth.org]. The wide range of topics reflect her insatiable curiosity and incurable hope to contribute to waking our collective conscience.

She applied her knowledge of people's movements to facilitate activism and encourage ordinary people to become participants and leaders in their own lives and communities. She challenged false divisions by building and strengthening connections with people from all walks of life and points of view. Janice encouraged us to take personal responsibility for creating a more just world that restores power to the people. She embodied impeccable integrity. I was fortunate to call her my friend and comrade-in-arms.

May her memory be a blessing.