Thursday, March 18, 2021

PETITION: Say 'No' to COVID 'Vaccine Passports'!

  Dear Activists,

I agree wholeheartedly with my friend Sonia Skakich-Scrima here. I am dismayed that it takes a Catholic right-wing site to promote something as reasonable as this, and that progressives are not challenging this medical tyranny.  We all need to make our healthcare decisions without coercion. 

Our elected leaders need to hear from us.

Please sign if you agree with this petition!

Fran Shure

From Sonia:

National, State and Provincial Political Leaders

We, the undersigned, call on government leaders, at the national, state and provincial level, NOT to introduce so-called 'vaccine passports,' and, or any other system which would discriminate on the basis of taking the COVID vaccine.

We call on you to respect the rights of people who refuse a COVID vaccine, and not seek to punish them by keeping their kids out of school, or by barring them from stores, shops, and travel.

We call on legislators in all states, provinces and countries, to return to the business of representing the people who voted for them, assuming their rightful place as the originator of legislation.

We can no longer accept the dictates of executive branches without question.

Punishing people for refusing a hastily prepared vaccine, which has not undergone animal testing and which has already sent many people to the hospital, would be an immoral, intolerable and retrograde step.

And, it is also well to remember that people have long memories.

Thank you for your serious consideration and action on this vital matter.