Sunday, August 7, 2016

Stunning Video! Napolitano and Wikileaks Charge Hillary with Corruption!

Stunning Video! Napolitano and Wikileaks Charge... by debunkerbuster

This could have been two videos, but I decided that it would have more impact if people saw how Judge Napolitano’s revelations agree almost exactly with Assange’s intel. Also, the extent of involvement/corruption by Hillary and the Clinton Foundation on many issues is stunning. It is so clear that the Clintons are criminals and yet they so far on untouchable. It makes you realize how much control and power they and their associates have over the us government. Obviously, if the NSA now wants her out then there will be much more information to come and Hillary is in deep shit!

The Assange interview is a little long. I did edit it down some, but WOW it is packed with Hillary and Bill scandal. Very hard to stop watching once he gets rolling. Wikileak’s Assange says that many countries have hacked into Hillary’s server. He says the emails he has were not from Russia and now there is new evidence that the NSA actually hacked and gave the emails to Wikileaks. Assange says that Trump has very little interaction with Russia, whereas Hillary has a history of interacting with Russia for the purpose of funneling money into the Clinton Foundation. He also reveals strong evidence that the factions of the US and particularly Hillary and the Clinton Foundation were involved in the recent coupe in Turkey. Assange says that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC had close relations with Chuck Todd and the president of MSNBC. That MSNBC was directly involved with rigging the election primary. Also states the Clinton arranged to have weapons sent to Libya and Syrian rebels. Also, that there is a direct relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the creation and funding of ISIS. Ties the Clinton Foundation with Saudi Arabia, the 28 pages, and the 911 attack.