Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton Calls Out Alex Jones & Alternative Media - Her Stupidity Shocks No One

During a so-called speech against what Hillary Clinton calls the "alt-right", she calls out Alex Jones of Infowars claiming he's crazy for believing 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombing were inside jobs. Josh Sigurdson rants against her level of stupidity breaking down her crimes and hypocrisy as well as her attitude and lack of respect for the intelligence of her audience as she talks like a school-marm. 
Now while she has just handed Alex Jones countless subscribers on a silver platter, her perception of the so-called "alt-right" is absurd. So basically there are people that haven't conformed to the neo-conservative globalism that's taken over the Republican party so they must be crazy racists! These are all lame stereotypical talking points we've heard regurgitated time and time again and those with a strong mind know that this is absolutely illegitimate. Believing in freedom and not globalist big government coercion is not craziness, it's only reasonable as a reaction to being enslaved by both sides of the spectrum. 
While Hillary is covering up rapes, freeing pedophiles, taking money from brutal dictators, kissing George Soros' shoe and killing her enemies, some people are moral enough individuals to stand up to the insanity of this animal farm. So with that said, let's stop allowing ourselves to be ruled by collectivist monsters and rule ourselves as free beautiful human beings.