Monday, August 1, 2016

Don't Vote For Gary Johnson

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by: Nobody
June 24, 2016 7:59 AM
Free trade is nothing but aristocratic greed. A sensible libertarian would understand that libertarian values are completely dependent on financial independence. Deregulation has just compelled businesses to take on a monopolistic mindset. The workers never see a dime for their hard work. It all goes into foreign acquisitions.

Protecting illegal aliens doesn't do any better. First, they are NOT citizens and don't have a citizen's rights. Second, they should not be rewarded for being paid under the table and profiting corporations. The ONLY difference is that liberals don't support the 1 percent stockholders. They want prejudicial hypocrisy votes from the bigoted masses and they like cheap produce. This country is sick with denial and I don't see the Libertarians doing a thing to fix it.

by: moonmac from: Chicago
June 23, 2016 12:40 PM
Gary is wrong because other countries always cheat on our Free Trade Agreements. It’s not like there’s cops enforcing all the complex rules. China makes parts and ships them to Korea who remarks them so they meet the Buy American Act and our domestic factories are losing billions in sales for taxpayer funded projects in the USA.

Foreign companies always skirt the rules. If they get 9 orders and get caught on the 10th they’ve still made out like bandits while punishing American companies. More regulation isn’t the answer it’s called “Free Trade” by the experts who run and work in the industries, not pencil pushing bureaucrats and lawyers who only enrich themselves.

Trade Agreements should be no more than a few pages long and easy to understand, anything beyond that is easily manipulated.

by: Marcus Aurelius II from: NJ USA
June 23, 2016 7:02 AM
So Gary Johnson would leave our borders open to anyone who wants to enter the US. He would keep South Korea and Japan reliant on the American taxpayer to protect them against their enemies North Korea and China who do have nuclear weapons. He doesn't think Hillary Clinton is a liar despite the State Department's Inspector General's report that says otherwise. And he would continue to allow American jobs to be sent abroad while the products made elsewhere are allowed to enter the US practically duty free as Americans continue to struggle to earn a living. If that's what it means to be a libertarian, count me out.


Trump is not a racist.
Here is a page where I have collected droves of evidence that proves that is a factual statement.
Here is a page of evidence I've compiled that Hillary Clinton is a racist. Nobody has ever alleged that Trump has used racial slurs. Among the evidence against Hillary are 5 individuals who claim that she used racial epithets when speaking of blacks, Jews, and Latinos.

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Richard Neal • a month ago
I believe illegal immigration needs to come to a total stop immediately, and all illegal immigrants living in America should leave America ASAP...I'm not racist - it is a question of straining our natural resources, lack of job opportunities, depressed wages, struggling public welfare programs, a growing crime rate - especially billions of dollars worth of poison crossing the border every year poisoning our youth...It is better for America and every single American citizen if we stop illegal immigration right now - How is that "racist" as Johnson claims?...It is just common sense - something too many liberal politicians seem to lack...

Reddog heygary • a month ago
I used to be in favor of the Libertarian Party; but guys like Gary Johnson prove to me that it's another trojan horse that's been co-opted. A raw deal for America, where foreign goods are dumped on us without tariffs is redefined as "Free Trade". Same flawed concept with immigration: Open borders destabilize us and disenfranchise us politically, while we capitulate to a stampede of unassimilable, hostile foreign invaders leaving their heel marks on our faces - all empowered to vote for the biggest handouts, and against our right to self defense. This can be no accident. The rest of Libertarian theory is classic liberalism (as distinguished from Progressivism). Be alert to this part of the Libertarian platform: It is seductive yet deceptive. Never trust in a party label - you'll be back to square one.

dkmeller • a month ago
Gary Johnson repeating far-Left smear of Donald Trump, calling him "racist", and now saying that he is willing to sign on to TPP? This is not at all welcome news, as I was very interested in supporting GJ as an alternative to Trump, but I thank Infowars for bringing this to my attention. Trump, whatever his faults (even if he IS "racist") is clearly dedicated to America First, is skeptical of a parasitic and totalitarian globalism, and is against the cult of "political correctness" that has sabotaged the first Amendment in the USA, and has disenfranchised white people in America (and throughout the West)! Gary Johnson is useless,if not pernicious here, and should be disregarded!

Donald Trump is my first choice for President. Gary Johnson, either live up to your Party, become a full-fledged libertarian, or go home and go back to sleep!

Facts on Illegal Immigration: