Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why focusing on WTC7 is not a waste of time...

Now that FOX news appears to be tiptoeing onto the 9/11 truth train, some people in the truth movement are understandably suspicious. I've been reading the comments over at 9/11 blogger. Some commenters are suggesting this may be a ploy to make it seem like WTC7 is the final mystery, and then debunk it or even, as some have suggested, admit that it was demolished but fit it within the official story somehow.

With regards to the second theory, I think this comment by SnowCrash sums it up:

That would be great. Because that would mean that everything that NIST told us about building seven up until now would be one gigantic fraud. It would reveal a well financed, well orchestrated deception on an epic scale that would completely demolish every last shred of credibility NIST, and by extension the government has.

Nobody would believe the government on anything about 911 after that.

If WTC 7 was indeed blown up, I really don't care what excuse they come up with if they admit it.

All hell is going to break loose, you have no idea.

I really don't think they will ever just admit WTC7 was demolished to dismiss us. The implication of such an admission would be a bigger scientific scandal than ClimateGate. The Quasi-governmental academic establishment is working very hard to hold on to their dwindling credibility. Admitting they decieved us about WTC7 is the worst thing they could do. The bigger the lie, the bigger the need to hold on to it.

If their goal is to try and debunk it ... let them. They'll just expose themselves some more. The best these clowns have are Jim Meigs and Michael Shermer. Or they could invite Shyam Sundar to bullshit around the subject of freefall again. And they can't do an emotional hitpiece or use their favourite ad-hominems now that they've finally acknowledged the family members in the movement.

Of course there's much more to 9/11 truth than just WTC7, but the problem with the other stuff is it requires a fair bit of research and dot-connecting, and most people just can't be bothered - and considering the amount of misinformation that's out there, I don't blame them. WTC7 is a seven second smack-in-the-face wake up call that everyone can understand. There's a reason the media doesn't like to talk about it. It's the real-life equivalent of those glasses in the movie They Live. And after seeing it's collapse for the first time and seeing family members plea for justice, alot of people will be motivated to do more research anyway.

9/11 truth on mainstream TV is a victory - a small victory but a victory nonetheless. Infighting about the motivations is what they want. Hey, maybe that's the agenda... to get us fighting about whether or not there's an agenda... if so, it seems to have worked.