Sunday, November 14, 2010

Breaking News: Hell Freezes Over!

Geraldo Rivera Focuses on WTC 7

John-Michael chiming in here to focus in on this important comment from Jon Gold at

“BuildingWhat?” Appears on Geraldo At Large on FOX News

I Made this movie when the BBC released its debunking documentary about WTC7. I was furious because they referred to it as the "final mystery" of 9/11 as if the "case" was closed. The question of how those buildings came down is but ONE of the MANY mysteries of 9/11. Geraldo Rivera referred to it as, "the one 9/11 mystery that endures..." It makes me nervous that they're going to have a debunker on to "refute" what's being said, and then say "the one 9/11 mystery that endures" has been solved, and there's nothing more to the story.

Though he acted as if the family members haven't been speaking out since day one, and though he referred to us as nutjobs, congratulations to Bob and nyccan.
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Breaking News: Hell Freezes Over!

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