Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stuck in the Left-Right Paradigm...

Huffingtonpost has written an article about Andrew Napolitano revealing himself to be a truther, and the majority of comments on the article are supportive of 9/11 truth. One comment however that wasn't was this one.

Here's where 9/11 conspiracy theory breaks down for me as a practical matter: the planning for the attacks didn't start the week or the month before. They started years before, when the Democrats held the White House, and were carried out when the Republicans held the White House.

Can you imagine a conversation by members of the Clinton/Bush transition team that starts with a Clinton official saying, "You should be aware of some attacks we're planning to carry out against ourselves that will kill thousands of our own people, destroy government buildings and wreck our economy. But on the bright side, it will give you the excuse to launch some wars, pass unpopular legislation and use it as a political weapon against us."?

That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

These sort of responses are typical of people still stuck in the false 'Left-Right Paradigm'. When I first told one of my University housemates a couple of years ago that I believed 9/11 was a conspiracy, her response was something like, "I don't think it was, because if it was the democrats would be talking about it". In another case, I had a much more heated debate with another friend online one time, and after like an hour of arguing about all kinds of things from vaccines to laetrile to global warming to globalization, and being compared to a creationist (which, funnily enough, is what got me interested in the evolution debate), I asked him, "Let's say I prove to you the world trade center was blown up ... who would you think did it?", his reponse was, "The right wing of the US ... Easy."

But to anyone who has done even a little research into 9/11, it is obviously a lot more than just a republican thing, much more even than just an American thing. The current Vice President, Joe Biden certainly has some questions to answer, and is clearly an accomplice in the coverup. The Clintons are also accomplices after the fact, at the very least. Then of course you have global media outlets like the BBC - Orwell's ministry of truth - who have consciously lied to support official story on several occasions[1] [2], and were probably fed scripts on the day itself.

Thinking of 9/11 as purely a conspiracy among puppet politicians is silly. The conversation the commenter wanted me to imagine probably took place around a table in some dark smokey room, with aload of shadowy suited men that noone has ever heard of sat round, and the newly elected Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Condi etc. sat at the end, following a screening of a high definition video of the JFK assassination from an angle noone's ever seen before!

I can't prove who did 9/11, but I can prove that there is a conspiracy among politicians and the media, on both the left and the right, all over the world - and among Quasi-governmental academic institutions - to keep the truth covered up. Considering all that, an obvious question to ask is, who's pulling all these people's strings? It wasn't just a right-wing American conspiracy, it was, and still is, an international intelligence operation.

Strangely enough though, the most committed critics of 9/11 truth, the so-called 'skeptic' or 'rationalist' crowd - like those JREFers, tend to identify themselves with the left more than the right.

9/11 truth is not a left-right issue, it's an anti-establishment issue. That's why it is attacked by both sides of the false paradigm and attacked even more by those 'rational' minds with unquestioning devotion to said establishment. But it appears the mainstream media is beginning to wake up. Unfortunately - and rather frustratingly - much like with the climate change issue, it seems the only mainstream news outlets who ever give the dissenting view any fair coverage are the two that are the most widely ridiculed - the Daily Mail and now Fox News.