Saturday, July 31, 2010

Responding to a Response to my Response

Well, today's a rarity, as I will be doing two posts in one day. I was originally just going to write a response to a section on Joseph Nobles' website, but I'll need to respond to this first. Mr. Nobles has decided to address a post I recently did about his site.

It would also be nice if Mr. Nobles elaborated a little. I'm all ears to whatever points I may have gotten wrong, but I'm not a mind reader Mr. Nobles.

But anyway, he's apparently grateful for the attention.

The only one of my points Mr. Nobles addressed is one that he acknowledges I got right.

I personally don't think Hess's "inflection is clear," but I do know that there are still flaws in the official timeline. First off, the interview occurred "off Broadway by City Hall.” While Broadway itself is fairly close to Building 7, City Hall is quite a bit farther.

Also, Hess's estimation that they were trapped for "about an hour and a half" may have been somewhat conservative, as Barry Jennings stated in his interview with Loose Change that "I was trapped in there for several hours." In any case, if they were trapped for an hour and a half, then they most likely were trapped since 10:00 AM. That is, if they were trapped for an hour and a half and were rescued at 11:30 AM, this would have given Hess enough time to make his way all the way across town to City Hall to give his interview just before noon. A more detailed account of this can be seen in parts 6-9 of my film World Trade Center 7: An Engineered Collapse.

And as I already mentioned in my previous post, Barry Jennings was very clear about what he experienced.

I'm glad you appreciated my mention of you Mr. Nobles. I'm doing that again today and will probably be doing it more in the future.