Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/7 - Five Years On

Yesterday the Queen who doesn't sweat (I wonder how long before the David Icke fans pick up on that!), visited ground zero and addressed the UN for the first time since 1957. Is it possible for a reigning monarch to commit treason? Coz some would argue that just by associating with the globalist crooks, she is. Today I guess she's returning to the UK to hold another garden party or something like she did last year on 7/7.

Considering the media hype surrounding the fifth anniversary of 9/11, the fifth anniversay of 7/7 doesn't seem to have attracted much attention. The majority of the British newspapers seem to be focussing on Cheryl Cole as always (but apparently she's dying of malaria so I'll let them off this time), I suppose it's not as bad as last year when they held Michael Jackson's memorial service on 7/7/2009.

I guess the reason they are not giving it much attention is because they don't want people to look into it. It is after all one of the the most suspicious terror attacks in recent history. Unfortunately however, much to the frustration of 7/7 researchers, there isn't really enough evidence to prove anything. Unlike say 9/11, which has been scientifically proven to be a fraud, or Flight 253, which was expertly exposed as a flase flag by Kurt Haskell. But there are numerous coincidences, anomolies and unanswered questions that, when put into context, point towards government involvement.

The Simultaneous Drill

The most widely known coincidence is the drill that Visor Consultants were running on the morning of 7/7, which according to Peter Power mirrored the real events "almost precisely". The drill simulated simultaneous bombs going off at three tube stations - for years that was all the information we had. Then in 2009, Peter Power revealed more details in a BBC Conspiracy Files documentary. The tube stations chosen for the drill were Liverpool Street, Kings Cross and Russell Square. The real attacks occured at Liverpool Street, Edgware Road, and on the Piccadilly Line in between Kings Cross and Russell Square. Peter Power also revealed the client - Reed Elsevier.

While the BBC piece portrayed Reed Elsevier as just some obscure publishing company, Reed Elsevier is actually a massively corrupt global medical-media conglomerate, who own thousands of scientific journals and also have links with the arms industry. The ownership of scientific journals by companies like Reed Elsevier is the primary reason why scientists who question the status quo - such as man-made global warming skeptics or vaccine critics - are denied the opportunity to publish in 'prestigious' journals. While defenders of the status quo are able to easily - no matter how obviously flawed their studies are. Reed Elsevier's former chairman, Jan Hommen, attended Bilderberg in 2007 and 2010.

On it's own, the coincidence of the simultaneous drill may not seem that suspicious to some, but this was not a one-off. Real life events often coincide with eerily similar drills. On the morning of 9/11 there were numerous war games taking place simulating planes being hijacked and flown into buildings. One of those drills involved false blips - or 'phantoms' - being added to military radars. Audio recordings from 9/11 appear to show confusion amongst NORAD officials, who weren't immediately sure whether the events unfolding were 'real world or exercise'. Also, FEMA were in New York City the night before 9/11 in preparation for a bioterror drill. When the real attacks happened, they were conveniently able to take control of the scene quickly, thanks to their preparations. Drills are often used to compartmentalize the excution of and response to false flag operations.

Peter Power claimed in the BBC piece that the exercise was nothing more than a Powerpoint presentation. However, earlier statements from him appear to contradict that claim.

"Yesterday we were actually in the city working on an exercise involving mock broadcasts when it happened for real.

When news bulletins started coming on, people began to say how realistic our exercise was - not realising there was an attack."
Just a Powerpoint presentation? Peter Power also appeared in a BBC Panorama program a year before 7/7 entitled London Under Attack, a televised terror attack simulation similar to the recent CNN Cyber Attack program. It is extremely obvious to any awakened soul watching these programs that they are watching military-intelligence propaganda. These sorts of things are done all the time - partly as a psy-op and partly as way of bragging about their crimes like the psychopaths these people are.


Around about 11 o'clock, two hours after the tube explosions had occured, a number of interviews and photo-ops took place at Russell Square. During that time an unnamed man with a bandage on his head, an unbottoned shirt and neatly torn trousers was filmed and photographed, but never interviewed. This mysterious man is suspected by some to have been an actor.

These types of operations do often involve actors for dramatic effect. At the G20 protests in London for example, anarchist provocateurs destroyed a window at the Royal Bank of Scotland. I remember sitting at my computer all day that day watching several live news streams, reading twitter updates and listening to Alex Jones discuss 'the groom of the stool'! And I remember protestors being interviewed on TV describing how the police were penning them in, and that that the RBS was the only building on that road that didn't have its windows boarded up, and it appeared to them as if the building was singled out. It was fairly obvious that there were operatives of some kind engaging in amateur dramatics and squirting fake blood over themselves to sensationalize a generally peaceful protest - as if often done during these sorts of protests. It's possible that similar operations could have been going on on 7/7.

Note the brown and silver cloaks that the 7/7 bandaged man had draped over him. A number of other unnamed people were also filmed wearing those cloaks or holding them in their arms (such as these two unnamed women, during a very strange interview). It's possible that these cloaks could have been used to identify operatives, who may have believed they were just taking part in a drill or something, perhaps even those "mock broadcasts" Peter Power mentioned. Bus bomb survivor Daniel Obachike also claims to have seen the bandaged man in Tavistock Square, seconds after the bomb went off at 9:47.

Physical Anomalies

Two most iconic photos of 7/7 are of victims burned by the blasts. The roof of the bus was completely blown off by its bomb (one witness described the blast as "half a bus flying through the air") and a photo released last year of one of the tube train interiors shows massive damage. Perhaps it is for these reasons that it was initially claimed by experts that the explosives were 'of military origin'. Over the weeks that followed, the story changed to home-made peroxide based explosives made in a bathtub. You'd think that experts would be able to tell the difference between the two! Peroxide explosives like TATP undergo what is known as an entropic explosion. Entropic explosions are powerful, but do not release much heat. So the fact that people were severely burned seems to contradict the official story.

Also a number of witness reports seem to indicate that the tube bombs may have actually been attached underneath the trains. Mark Honigsbaum, in an audio report for the Guardian, said that survivors of the Edgeware road bomb described how floor panels "suddenly flew up" and that the train had been derailed. On the one year anniversary of 7/7 an Irish survivor of the Liverpool street bomb told his story to Sky News Ireland and he too mentioned a floor panel raising up. But the most interesting account comes from Bruce Lait.

"The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag"
When interviewed by the BBC, Bruce Lait stood by his initial statement.


The ID's of all four bombers allegedly survived the explosions and were found within a few days. The BBC made the laughable claim in the Conspiracy Files documentary that the bombers likely wanted to be found out and thus planted their IDs a short distance away from where they blew themselves up. What they didn't mention was that ID belonging to Mohammad Sidique Khan was found at three different bomb sites. On 9/11 the passport of Satem Al Suqami is alleged to have survived the crash of Flight 11 and was 'found' in less than an hour. The passport was given to a police officer by a 'passer-by', before the south tower even collapsed. That passport was most likely planted, the ones on 7/7 probably were too.

The alleged movements of Hasib Hussein, the bus bomber, are quite illogical. He supposedly boarded a bus at Kings Cross station, which took him down the road. There he got off and boarded the Number 30 bus which would have just taken him back to Kings Cross station - if it had not been diverted to Tavistock square, which he couldn't of known would happen. Also, the bus he was originally on would have stopped at Tavistock Square next anyway. So if for some reason he wanted to blow the bus up at Tavistock square he could have just stayed on the bus he was originally on. The only way this makes any sense is if he was told to board the Number 30 bus by someone who knew it would be diverted to Tavistock Square. The bus blew up right outside the British Medical Association, which was full of doctors at the time. A recent BBC documentary highlighted the extraordinary set of coincidences that made that possible.

Two days after the attacks, the New Zealand Herald reported that two apparent suicide bombers on 7/7 were shot outside Canary Wharf. The report was never followed up on.

But by far the most sinister anomaly of them all, which ranks right up there with the death of Barry Jennings in terms of its 'WTF?' factor, is the death of a woman named Richmal Marie Oates-Whitehead, a New Zealand doctor who became a local heroine for her actions during the london bombings. She told a New Zealand newspaper that the police carried out a second controlled explosion on the bus. Not long after, she died a mysterious death, and there was an obvious media campaign to discredit her. The Telegraph, the Guardian and other publications did a character assassination of her - describing her as someone who lived a fantasy life, and they claimed she wasn't a doctor, when this google cache of a page that no longer exists clearly shows that she was. Did Richmal see or say something she wasn't supposed to?

Five years on and still so many questions unanswered. Family members have been campaigning for an enquiry for a while, but the best they have been offered is an inquest similar to the Diana Inquest - and we all know what a whitewash that was!