Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reply: Thermite Rain - 9/11 Truth Movement found thermite, again

YouTube user "KimmoKuopio" recently offered this piece of "debunking."

Commenter "RedBloodReign" states:

You might find this surprising but thermite wasn't found in the debris of the twin towers by looking at footage of the burning towers and saying "Wow, that looks really hot, must've been thermite!" The scientists tested the debris and found unburned thermite as well as thermite bi-products.

You should also notice that the stuff falling out of the building is not liquid metal. It's chunks of stuff that's usually light enough to be carried in the wind.
Furthermore, the video is not of a daylight fire, which is important because Dr. Jones conclusively proved through videotaped experiments that it can't be aluminum from the plane as the government and "debunkers" have claimed because aluminum is silver in color when poured in daylight.

No experiments or peer-reviewed papers, such as those produced by Steven Jones and his colleagues on the topic of thermite and 9/11, have been offered by his detractors.

In other words, put up or shut up.