Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Blog [Renamed]

As people may have noticed, I haven't exactly been staying on topic in recent months in my blog posts. So to avoid discrediting this blog any further, I've created my own personal blog to talk about general stuff that's beyond the scope of this blog. It's called "Scootle The Anti-Skeptic" (I need to find a picture of some antiseptic spray and photoshop it haha!). It's called "Skeptic Denialism", I liked the name because its meaning is two fold ... I'm "denying" the existance of skeptics and I'm exposing their denialism!

Skeptic Denialism

Only one post at the moment - just outlining who I am, why I started the blog, what it will be about etc. My two domain names, http://www.myspaceisghay.co.uk/ and http://911-dis.info/, will redirect to the blog as well until I can think of stuff to do with them. Links to all my videos are down the side, as well as an unfinished list of links to some other sites I find interesting. From now on I'll probably do all my 9/11 posts there and then repost them here. And if JM happens to like any of my other posts he's welcome to repost them here too.