Sunday, March 14, 2010

911 WAS an Inside Job: Proof versus Speculation

911 WAS an Inside job.

This is not mere speculation. It is proven fact.

Debunkers and defenders of the official 911 story imply that the "conspiracy theorists" have no basis to make this claim. However, the hard science has proven the case.

From the physical evidence we find at the World Trade Centre site we KNOW 911 must have involved inside help.

Why ? Because it is physically IMPOSSIBLE to find tons of melted steel, chemical traces of thermitic materials, the actual remains of high tech military explosives, and to see the freefall collapse of a steel framed building, WITHOUT employing incendiary or explosive devices.

The forensic material here represents hard SMOKING GUN evidence of the explosive demolition of these buildings.

On the other hand, the official 911 narrative deliberately avoids all of this damning forensic proof. The NIST computer simulations that form the "backbone" of the WTC investigation are built upon unverified and flawed speculation - especially in the case of WTC7 where we find that their collapse simulations diverge substantially with what was seen.

The key point to recognise here is that the computer modelling data NIST used to create their simulations has never been independently checked. These simulations may have the accuracy of a cartoon animation for all we know. No one can be sure. Consequently their simulations, that do not match with the video of the collapses, must be considered unconvincing and unproven hypotheticals- fanciful speculation in the face of the forensic proof of foul play presented by critics of official story.

Moreover, there are so many nonsensical and contradictory items appearing in the NIST version of the WTC collapses that it is obvious the official account constitutes a cover-up. Of particular note are the outright LIES highlighted by David Ray Griffin in this essay where he explains "Why NIST’s Final 9/11 Report is Unscientific and False".

911 WAS an Inside job. This is not speculation, it is fact.

Everyone must be made aware of the 911 evidence so that a real criminal investigation can be launched. If we accept the official lies we'll never see an end to the War on Terror ...

[Note: A criminal investigation should start with those who lied under oath at the 911 Commission, those who testified behind closed doors (Bush and Cheney), and with those at NIST who are involved in covering up clear evidence of Treason. ]

By Spookypunkos