Monday, October 5, 2009

Yet another "9/11 Was An Inside Job" Song

It's gone 1:30 AM here in England and I've spent the last four hours taking a break from studying, video editing, half-assed job hunting and expressing my anger at the fact that we may once again soon be under the rule of the mass murdering war criminal Tony B. Liar by chilling out and watching the most awesome cartoon ever... Dangermouse! I've never noticed it before but the villain reminds me so much of David Rockefeller.

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... Anyway. Not much to report on the debunking front. Head thermite denier Mark "Gravy" Roberts surfaced briefly to post something on the JREF forum a few days ago. I think that's the first we've heard from him in like months.

"I don't spend any time on this stuff in the past few years, and I recommend that you move on as well. In my opinion, giving attention to a tiny smattering of "truthers" remaining, only encourages their idiocy."

Tiny smattering?! It's bigger than ever. Gage, Jones, Harrit and Griffin are selling out talks all over the world. Just wait till the tenth anniversary Mr Roberts! Even I'm gonna be in New York for that one.

Speaking of Harrit, I found this video (from the CIT forum of all places) of him giving a lecture about the chemistry behind the red chips. Interesting stuff. Don't be scared by the German beginning. The lecture is in English.

I've been arguing with the CIT boys on their forum. Pointing out their lack of evidence of a flyover and no evidence of Lloyd England being an operative and of course they just continue to use their Chewbacca Defence - The 13 witnesses.

Last night I finally got round to watching the History Channel's "102 Minutes That Changed America" (I thought the whole point of the war on terror was for America not to change!). There's lots of footage in it I hadn't seen before (Including a random shot of a pigeon in the dusty aftermath of the twin tower's collapse, what's the betting that bird died of a horrible lung condition!).

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One thing I noticed was that in many of the videos you can see these weird streamer things falling from the still standing towers. I've noticed them before but I've never really thought anything of them. Now after watching David Chandler's recent videos I'm looking at them in a completely different way. Could these be more video evidence of thermite ignition? The white smoke would suggest yes. In fact in one shot (which I'm including in my next video) you can see an object fall and then in mid air it starts to release white smoke.

What is my next video? ... It's a music video to an original song I wrote! A song called "9/11 was an Inside Job" ... now there are a lot of songs people have made on Youtube with that name. But how many of them make a lyrical reference to exploding paint?! Unfortunately none of my friends who can sing wanted to sing it ... and I can't sing for s--t! But due to the magic of computers that's not a problem! (How else do you think a certain three piece Disney band became successful!?) The audio recording and note by note auto tuning (which took two whole days!) has been done - My audio editing isn't as good as my video editing so it's not perfect but its listenable... just! Now I'm just waiting for my props to arrive to make the music video. It should be finished by the end of the week.