Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Senator Lindsey Graham, Giving Comfort to the 9/11 Commission, is Now in Open Denial of Scientific Proof of 9/11 Treason

October 14th, 2009

Below is some of what a representative in Senator Graham's DC office told me on October 1st in response to my further inquiry into the Senator's acknowledgment and response to the information we gave him and he willingly accepted to take a look at:

At first contact, his office refused to say he had looked at the information. Now they have admitted he has reviewed the information but is still sticking with the 9/11 Commission Report, scientific evidence to the contrary be damned and his oath not withstanding.

There are many obvious problems with the official investigation. If, for some reason, Senator Graham does not fully understand the scientific evidence he should at least be calling for a new and open inquiry. Indeed, if the Senator, who is obligated to defend the Laws and Constitution of the United States, does nothing, he could be cited for obstructing justice.

Barring the scientific material there are numerous other reasons why a second inquiry MUST be undertaken:

*There was closed door testimony from Bush and Cheney,
*Rice and US Airforce Generals appear to have committed perjury under oath,
*Critical evidence contrary to the official narrative (that Al Qaeda did it) was omitted from the final report,
*6 out of 10 911 Commission heads think their investigation was a white wash,
*The Executive Director of the Commission was a White House insider, thereby having a huge conflict of interest in terms of protecting the Administration from any blame.

Blocking a new investigation, in relation to this non-scientific evidence, should also be grounds for an obstruction of justice charge.