Friday, March 13, 2009

Debunking Ryan Mackay "no flashes"

On Debunking 9/11 Debunking. Examining Dr. David Ray Griffin's Latest Criticism of the NIST World Trade Center Investigation

"Had explosives been used to disintegrate the upper block at this juncture, however, we would expect to see and hear visible evidence of their use, including shock waves, shrapnel, and possibly bright flashes. Explosives large enough to instantaneously pulverize 25,000 tons or more of structure would be difficult to mistake. This speculation of Dr. Jones is totally unsupported and of little value." - p.56 - Ryan mackay
Here, Mackey makes multiple false assumptions, including:

That all high explosives have a bright flash. Some conventional explosives don't, and a thermobaric explosive using hydrogen detonates with a flash that's invisible in daylight.

That there is no evidence of flashes. In fact, small flashes are visible in the South Tower destruction, and there a number of specific credible reports of flashes in the oral histories of emergency responders. - Maintaining the Mirage: A Foray Into the Fallacy Factory of the Demolition Deniers - A critique of Ryan Mackey's essay: "On Debunking 9/11 Debunking: Examining Dr. David Ray Griffin's Latest Criticism of the NIST World Trade Center Investigation" by Jim Hoffman
What I purpose for this post is a collection of all videos that contain flashes. I have been collecting many, but I keep finding more and I hope other members can contribute. I suggest different categories for different flashes videos. For example.

-The same flashes seen from different angles.
- Flashes before collapse.
-Flashes during collapse South Tower
-Flashes during collapse North Tower etc.

So I will start with Flashes before collapse.

Flashes Before Collapse - Lower Floors Flashes During Plane Hit

Upper Floors Plane Hit

Multiple Shots of Same Flashes - North Tower Before Collapse

North Tower Pre-Collapse Flashes

Bob and Bri Flashes

Flashes Compilations Videos

South Tower Diagonal Cutter Charge

Note how the direction of the flashes is the direction of the tower tilt phenomenon, obviously to avoid it hitting the north tower.

North Tower Flashes During Collapse Zoomed in and Slowed Down

Compilation of Different Shots of Collapse

South Tower Flashes During Collapse

WTC 2 Explosive Flash Anomaly Recorded During Collapse Onset

I'm sure there are many more please add others if you can.