Saturday, November 29, 2008

Discussion @ for a new investigation into the 9-11 attack

Thanks to "cjvabch" at the Veterans for 911 Truth Yahoo Group for passing this along...

"In this week's International edition of Newsweek (Dec 1, 2008), there's an article entitled "President 2.0". In reading it, I discovered that a new site ( is collecting and posting ideas for the Obama administration and the top 10 ideas, the ideas that have received the most votes, will be presented to the President on Inauguration Day. An idea was just added to suggest that a new investigation into 9/11 be conducted.

Please click the link below and VOTE for this idea. Then forward the link to everyone you know and ask that they vote for it too. If this is for real, it is an excellent opportunity to get out collective voice heard. Loud and Clear. Finally." - Ideas for Changing America: Conduct a new, independent investigation into the attacks of September 11, 2001

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UPDATE... deletes new 9/11 investigation idea as it had more votes then any other idea

Rampant Un-American Censorship of the 9/11 Truth Movement