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Interview with Yvonne White, a Host of the Popular Group "9/11 Conspiracy" on

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

John-Michael Talboo (JMT)-Q:

For those who don't know is an activist social networking website with currently over 8 million members! The site features discussion groups of which the popular group 9/11 Conspiracy can be found which has a decent current membership of 783.

Yvonne White is a friend of mine and is one of five hosts to the group, being that Yvonne is a dedicated 9/11 activist and hosts a group with so many 9/11 truthers involved, I thought her perspective on the 9/11 Truth movement would be good convo.

So first off let me say hello dear friend and thanks for letting me conduct this interview. I appreciate all your hard work in promoting 9/11 truth issues more than you know.

Can you first off tell the readers how you became convinced the official story of September 11th was a fraud and also who you think the true culprits are?

Yvonne White-A:

Thanks for the intro John-Michael! I'm glad you included the fact that I'm just one of the hosts of the 9/11 Conspiracy group. From my perspective, I believe it's a great group with a very Liberal attitude - meaning we don't filter the news/articles/video feeds posted. But we also don't let NeoCONs harass the membership either.

There may be hundreds of Theories out there, but the most important (to me) is that NO Outside Terrorist could have planned and implemented the 9/11 attacks without major Inside Help. That's giving This Bu$h League Club the benefit of the doubt (that doubt being that Any Outside Organization was involved AT ALL).

Now back to "the question": Can you first off tell the readers how you became convinced the official story of September 11th was a fraud, and also who you think the true culprits are? I believe the first thing I said to my sister when she called to tell me the WTC was hit by a plane was "What is Bu$h up to? How is this gonna get us into Iraq?" I was only half-ass kidding.. but later I was only surprised that it took him so long to invade. By the time I got the call & turned on the TV my sister was saying this was the second building & plane.. and yet no fighter planes were in the air.. News crews were there, just like in New Orleans, but no military intervention was evident. Those News crews were trying to get out the news, interviewing people, interpreting events, relaying information - at First... then things started getting weirder than the fact that we were supposedly Under Attack. Planes were Lost or Misplaced, "Bu$h the Le$$er" was shown reading children's books & NOT dropping Everything to get to the War Room, Cheney was "at a secret location", suddenly we Knew the Terrorists Identities & news anchors started back-tracking on previous statements.. Suddenly we're supposed to forget what Demolitions look & sound like and what reporters & firemen & people in the street had said they heard & saw. Suddenly we're supposed to believe that Guliani’s 15 Million Dollar Bunker is not as safe as the streets of New York, which were supposedly under attack - but somehow he can keep those "unknown numbers of attackers" at bay??? The Pentagon is hit in the most recently updated & reinforced section, coincidence.. a plane Finally heads for the White House/Capitol Building/whatever in DC. and is either shot down or fell down depending on whatever version you choose.. and by that evening WTC 7 is "pulled", which means demolished, even though it was Never Hit and contained "the Bunker".. yeah, I was suspicious as hell.

I put the blame on the "people in charge". It's often said that conspiracy theories are too complex, too many people in the know would eventually blow the cover. But this Administration has side-stepped the issue altogether by simply pleading incompetence on one hand and "we're the only ones who can save you" on the other!

I was shocked that SO many News Agencies suddenly stopped asking hard questions (or any questions really), that even Dan Rather changed his analysis (we know what happened to him when he Did Finally start asking questions).

Here are a few questions that I'd have asked: How did some dude in a cave, no matter however rich his family is, co-ordinate & carry out suicide attacks in the USA?

Why, if the attacks were supposedly to "inflict damage & inspire terror", did they pick a Previous Target (it didn't work in the 90's when they Tried bombing the WTC) - why not National Symbols? Being from the Midwest, the WTC is not something I think of when I think American Symbols. The Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, the Capitol Building, the White House, the Washington & Lincoln Monument - ANY of those would have been a Major Blow to the American Psyche... Not the WTC.. not even the Pentagon - though at least it is the symbol of the Military Industrial Complex. But it Seemed an after-thought to me.

Everyone in the country was upset, angry, and saddened.. but Terrorized? Maybe they were in New York, after all the Mayor was running around in the streets & attempting to put off elections.. Out here in the sticks, I was wondering why the biggest Crime Scene since Pearl Harbor was being carted off without proper management.. we've all seen CSI, and we were not impressed with the Feds on this.

Following the money is the first thing they say on all these cop shows.. Silverstein was the Very Recent owner of these suddenly explosive buildings (WTC), and Very well Insured! Even though Most Insurance Policies state they Do NOT pay for Acts of God OR Acts of War - and Bu$h himself stated this was an Act of War, hence the War on Terror!

And these jet-fuel-exploded skyscrapers should be in the book of World Records - as the First & Only Skyscrapers to FALL Down from short-lived fires without accompanying controlled demolitions..

There are just SO many things that Don't Ring True, and we are told to shut up & read the propaganda! Okay.. I'm starting to ramble.. I'm going to stop now.

Ramble on sister! So they never had you fooled for a second, huh? I instinctively knew something was up, but got duped for awhile.

Now when did the conception of the 9/11 Conspiracy group come about, and how did you get involved?

Also, anyone that is a part of this movement knows how hard it is to convince others that government complicity is the true culprit here. Have you gained any insight through hosting this group as to how people out there are most effective in demonstrating to others that we are dealing with complicity and not just incompetence?

Yvonne White-A:

LOL! "So they never had you fooled for a second huh?" Fooled isn't the word I'd use. I was shocked & appalled, angry & sad.. and frightened for my family and friends. But it was not from Outside Terrorists that the fear came. It was the justification of the pervading dread that had loomed over America since the 2000 "election". So the shoe that dropped was not in the form expected, it was worse - because civilian casualties were involved.

Nobody WANTS to believe the highest levels of their own government could be involved in killing thousands of its citizens. But they do it all the time - war being the most obvious way.

This particular President has the most perverse history that I know of - mocking death-row inmates, killing small animals as a boyhood "prank", bankrupting companies, and having a mother who says on camera "these people are probably better off " about Katrina victims who had lost their homes, family, pets, and communities... so it's NO great stretch of the imagination to think he would have allowed Americans to die "for a good cause". In fact, the Katrina episode reinforced my belief and Opened the Eyes of quite a few others who had tried desperately to cling to the illusion of Incompetence rather than the cold-blooded execution of their Agenda.

But there were Too Many "special circumstances" to ignore about 9/11. One plane hitting one building could have been a fluke, even that building falling down Could have been a fluke.. but it wouldn't have worked for their causes. Imperial Presidencies need Lots of Backup - at least one plausible Terrorist Group to blame, Media Enablers, Congre$$, Corportaions, Military, etc. The Terrorist Group was key, an Intelligence Operative had already identified Bin Laden & warned repeatedly that he wanted to hurt America and Bin Laden was safely tucked away in a country that had ruined Russia! Perfect! Also perfect in that the man who did this work & knew the most about Bin Laden died in the WTC on 9/11. The Media was muzzled quickly, by the end of day. Corporations were more than willing to buy into "protection". The Military was more than ready to get into the game. Congre$$ was a bit harder to arm-twist, but that was solved by Anthrax letters and No Arrests, No Convictions (yet They can Protect us from Terrorists???).

We have tons of 9/11 Conspiracy info at the group. Most of it well documented & much better presented than my brief ranting.

I should mention that the macho swaggering of Bu$h the Lesser and the cross-me-&-get-shot-in-the-face style of Cheney has made it Much easier for people to question the whole "we're Just Stupid" thing.

Katrina pushed a LOT of people over the edge. The genocidal aspect was hard to overlook. We got many new members afterward.

I'm not the founder of 9/11 Conspiracy. But I was very flattered when I was asked to co-host. I believe it's important for people to be able to question the government "line" on 9/11 and everything that has come since.


I like your rants over many others painstaking analysis! :)

You know Yvonne the 9/11 truth movement has seen both exciting and freighting things taking place as of late. Some big positives being the Japanese and European Parliament taking notice of the issues we are talking about. But on the other hand, 9/11 activists are not just being called conspiracy theorists, but anarchists akin to the likes of Timothy McVeigh. The program Morning Joe on MSNBC even stated that 9/11 truthers should be taken to a secret military prison in Eastern Europe!

Where do you see the 9/11 truth movement heading, and do you think we will achieve a new independent or international investigation?

Yvonne White-A:

One of the main reasons I joined 9/11 Conspiracy is because the Mainstream Media was just reading the Bu$h-Cheney script instead of Investigating. There weren't any Woodward & Bernstein’s out there - and at least one of them were in the Bu$h's pocket! Woodward belatedly did a minor expose, but too little, too late. Is it because MM itself is afraid of being carted off to detention camps?

For some I believe so. Dan Rather was duped & "retired" after years of fine reporting. Keith Olbermann was "pranked" with fake anthrax... but those anthrax letters on the first go-round were real - and NO body has been indicted! These people who are in "Intelligence Gathering" are seemingly too mentally challenged to follow leads. They need everything spelled out, either put in writing or spoken slowly & clearly over a tapped line.

I'm not too worried about being "disappeared". I am so far from Ground Zero that I personally have NO Proof of anything to do with 9/11 that I can testify to. But I do think Big Brother keeps tabs on our group, our emails, and probably our phone calls. Most of the time I wish they'd mind their own business, occasionally I Hope they're paying attention & sweating a bit.

There were too many oddities about 9/11 for people NOT to notice & wonder about. Hijackers have taken planes before, it was a fad back in the day to take one to Cuba..

But four planes is a Conspiracy, and four planes that were to a degree successful seems highly unlikely Without Help from Inside. There have been Rules in place for 40 years or so about what is Supposed to Happen when a hijacking is taking place, or Thought to be taking place. The FAA knows them, the military knows them, supposedly the Terrorists know them. Yet NONE of the rules were followed. Somehow Cheney was in charge. Somehow planes disappeared & reappeared, fighter jets were misdirected, etc., etc., etc.

Again, I have to question the targets chosen. A man Buys these buildings and within a few Months they're attacked & get "blown up". Not ALL of them, but more than the 2 actually hit. WTC 7 was "pulled" by the mans own admission, recorded by TV crews. Rudy's bunker was in WTC 7, if I was a New Yorker I'd want an In Depth Investigation into that item for starters!

Foreign press & governments have been suspicious of the "party line", if not from day one - then soon there-after. They should be. Even suspecting that this government could be so calculating & cold to its own citizens, then why would they trust the USA in any way?

The Bu$h-Cheney steamroller plowed through the wreckage of 9/11 to build the Imperial Presidency, to trash the Constitution, to diminish the UN, to destroy the Geneva convention, to wage "pre-emptive" unprovoked wars with lies, to ruin our Economy & our security for the sake of enriching Corporations. And it ALL began on 9/11. It ALL began with a NeoCON plan - PNAC was too prescient...In one of their major reports, written in 2000, they noted that "the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, ABSENT some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor".

This PNAC group was led by such heavy hitters as Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, James Woolsey, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol, James Bolton, Zalmay M. Khalilzad, William Bennett, Dan Quayle, Jeb Bush, most of whom were movers-and-shakers in previous Administrations, then in power-exile, as it were, while Clinton was in the White House. Now they were back & "ready to roll"! To be that "psychic", and yet NOT "ready" to deal with it is Not Just Incompetent, its Criminal! To feign Shock & bad communication, distractions, or whatever came to mind was as bogus as the "nobody could have foreseen" crap they spouted concerning the New Orleans Katrina insanity (attempted genocide seems like the correct description to me).

I allowed myself to hope that the 2004 election would help the country, then 2006.. but it feels different this time. I think Congre$$ will be Forced to deal with the Bu$h Leaguers this time. If Impeachment doesn't begin Before the Election, then Obstructionists will be Replaced (even if they are Democrats because, like Lieberman, in name only doesn't count any more!). Kucinich is out, though he was the Most Progressive of the original candidates. I know he was interested in the Truth on 9/11 & the necessity of Impeachment. McKinney is running on a Green Party ticket still. She was very vocal about 9/11, the Patriot Act, and Impeachment too. Which is probably why she was unseated. They tried to do that to Dennis too. The Democratic Party needs a reminder of what it is Supposed to Be. I'm hoping Obama is the one to do it. I believe Barack will be the eventual contender. I just hope he is as Open to Truth as he Seems to be.


I find Barack's recent statements regarding 9/11 government complicity encouraging and don't think he's received enough recognition for his willingness to intelligently discuss 9/11 truth issues. Perhaps if the outrage level stays high he could be persuaded to support a new investigation?

His foreign policy advisor Zbiniew Brezenski, who was vital in the creation of militant Islamic forces in Afghanistan and by some accounts is linked to Chechen Terrorism troubles me though. What are your thoughts on Brezenski?

Also, what do you think of supporting third party candidates like Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinny, and Orion Daley? Some argue this is throwing your vote away, but I say voting for the persons with the best ideas who speak the truth is what we all should be doing. Otherwise, who is really throwing their vote away? If it's counted that is. What say you Yvonne?

Yvonne White-A:

LOL! Don't try to make me speak ill of a fellow Illinoisan.. the only thing I worry about with Obama is that he hasn't been Full-on Liberal/Progressive. But he seems to learn quickly!:) As for Zbigniew Brzezinski, he is just One of Obama's advisors and I don't know how much influence he has, but Obama is aware of his role in the Reagan Admin. & surely knows the online CONservative take on him. But hearing from Brzezinski's contacts would be helpful in negotiating certain things I'm sure. Anyway, Obama seems willing to hear from ALL sides. (But if he should suddenly start stock in FOX or appearing on their programs, I would have to re-evaluate the whole thing!;) Also, speaking of foreign policy advisors, I think it's beyond time to help establish a Palestinian state & cut back welfare to Israel’s military machine. Though Samantha Power's resignation may make that a bit harder to achieve. I'm sure the Israeli lobby pushed for that particular resignation.

A third party Presidency still seems at least one Election away to me. But if this election Doesn't result in a Total Renewal of America - restoring American Rights, Generating JOBs, Rebuilding Infrastructures, Repairing the Harm done to America's Image, Repealing the Patriot Act, Repealing & Rethinking NAFTA, Restoring America's Security (Social Security, a National, Single-Payer Healthcare System, as well as better monitoring of incoming freight & better use of DEA, FBI, & INS agencies), etc. - then a Third Party will Surely be the Next Step to Do the Job that both Democrats & Republicans have Failed to Do. And it's best both parties remember that while they Rely on attention deficit Americans to forget the Facts, those Same Americans want things fixed Yesterday.. so they'll only have one term to get Everything started (if not completely fixed).

We already have the beginnings of Change at our disposal. So Third Parties have more of a chance now than ever before. I used to think 3rd Parties were a wasted vote, but 3rd parties are getting more popular & more Populated - so the two Major Parties ignore those "other" voters at their own risk. The candidates you mentioned are all great, SO much more engaged & engaging than Bu$h the Le$$er. Voting is a personal thing & people should vote for the candidate they Want. If Kucinich went 3rd Party, I would renounce my life-time Democratic Party ticket & vote "early & often"!;)

Yeah, I like Kucinich as well. He has stated he would like a new full 9/11 investigation! Originally he had spoke of a partial investigation, so his new even stronger stance is encouraging. He is also investigating the issue of the 9/11 rescue workers health problems and how they and all New Yorkers were lied to about air quality.

Well to wrap up I wanted to ask you an unrelated question as I often do in these things. I was wondering if you agreed with the young activists who the Dalai Lama has been at odds with over how to best achieve independence for Tibet. They say that they agree with his non-violent method, but feel there should be no compromise on independence. Other than that brave soul I'll let you make a closing statement and again thanks for doing the interview.

Yvonne White-A:
We could Boycott the games, since China is Communist, horrible on Human Rights, etc. But we cannot call the kettle black when Bu$h has reduced us to their level. I can see Tibets's problem - the Dalai Lama has preached non-violence, but Chinese occupiers have no such taboo in place. America was founded by violent overthrow of an oppressive Foreign government - so we would be hypocrites to ask them nicely Not to do the same.

Now back to 9/11 Conspiracy.. it's a great group! It's a place to get information, differing from the Party Line, differing from the Media Propaganda, and occasionally differing from reasonable thought - but I hate censorship, so only the truly unreasonable Reich-wing hate-spouters who get banned or deleted. For the most part it's simply for people to come & realize they aren't the only ones to Question the Truth of 9/11 - not the only ones who think you can't explain away the evidence with Bu$h's "ya gonna believe your eyes, or what I tell you?" kind of force-fed Report (which did NOT include anything about WTC 7) - not the only ones who have come to realize this Bu$h Government is more dangerous to it's citizens than "terrorists" in foreign countries. I hope I haven't given the impression I'm a Bu$h hater with no sense of humor... because I Do have a Sense of Humor!;)

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