Saturday, December 30, 2023

Why Censor Pizzagate If It's Not True?

Why Censor Pizzagate If It's Not True?

Censorship has never ever in the history of mankind happened for good reasons. but yet again flag-its and EVIL AF Google are pretending that isn't so because they are the baddies on the wrong side of history. So yet again, allow me to retort for truth and sport.

You are not the arbiters of truth and adults can make up their own minds.

Social media censorship isn't justified by those sites acting like publishes when they are just platforms, but this isn't even that. It's my personal site and if something is wrong sue me, just don't legally screw me like Alex Jones.

You can't bleed a rock, so either way suck my cock and court orders trying to censor me and this site back fire on you just like every other attempt, so just honor my free speech. I'm going to spend my evening now making videos and posts about this subject again so fuck you! Here's some more great info and factual back up on this subject that of debunks the debunkers on this topic and I dare you to try and stop it... Censored Via Court Order For Defending Free Speech And Talking About Sandy Hook---Alex Jones in the News Again for Sandy Hook Lawsuits - What Exactly Did He Say FOR REAL NO SPIN and Why is Free Speech Never Brought Up? - Jones Has Been Targeted for What He Gets Right Not Something He May Have Got Wrong

Liz Crokin | VAMPIRE HUNTER | Episode 9---PIZZAGATE GOES MAINSTREAM! Elon Musk comments on Pizzagate exposing the truth about it to his 165 million followers on X.

PIZZAGATE GOES MAINSTREAM! Elon Musk comments on Pizzagate exposing the truth about it to his 165 million followers on X. Musk replied to tweets reporting that John Podesta’s pal was arrested on child porn charges and a post pointing out Media Matters founder, David Brock, dated James Alefantis who is the owner of Comet Ping Pong — the pizza joint at the center of Pizzagate. The FBI confirms that pizza is a pedophile code word in a College Station, Texas child porn case. Liz explains how authorities and the Department of Justice have also confirmed that pizza is a pedophile code word and that investigators have been able to bust child sex predators because they used pizza as a pedophile code word to procure children for sex acts and/or child porn in online forums. Liz also discusses how Musk put a laser pointer on Tom Hanks who has faced child rape accusations and been called a “pedophile” by Hollywood insiders. Musk commented on a post on X calling Hanks a “a mutilation blood sacrifice cannibal child rapist reptilian adrenochrome junkie!” Liz details all the evidence suggesting Hanks is most likely a child sex predator who may have been trafficking children.

Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorists Were Right about This Person---Who Or What Else Might They Be Right About?


This same post in question also got another one of my blogs called Rick and Morty Parody Hub completely removed... 

Not that this should ever happen, but why have whole blogs removed when individual posts can be removed? Especially when all the other posts are about a cartoon show In this case maybe somebody has too much time on their hands?...

Pizzagate isn't arbitrary and Trump's crusade against sex trafficking/pedophilia isn't mythical---PIZZAGATE HASN'T BEEN DEBUNKED! PROOF IN JUST UNDER AN HOUR