Sunday, December 17, 2023

Putin Told Moon Landing Photos Are Fake---Tucker Carlson Questions Whether Moon Landing Was a Hoax

The Red Pilling of Tucker Carlson. He’d have gotten there decades ago if he’d bothered to read a few of the right books that challenged his world view, but it took a Tumpian Awakening. Trump in his Trumpian way was basically arguing for that they just couldn’t deal, they couldn’t deal with any questions about the way things were then operating and when I saw that that just completely exploded my view of the system. I was, like, this system is a lot more fragile than I realized. It’s a lot less legitimate than I realized and then just the whole four years of Trump and like he’d say something that was like truly insane like the intelligence agencies are spying on me and you’re, like, okay, the Intel agencies are not spying like what you know what I mean, right, what are you like, uh, is the moon landing fake too, right, and then you’d find out like a year later actually the intelligence agencies were spying on them and then everyone would be like, “Well, they had to,” and you’d be like, wait, first of all he was right, second, I don’t care whether it’s true, I don’t care who the president is you can’t spy on the president because he works for you (I think he meant to say, you work for him). That’s an attack on our system. “No, it’s totally fine…” I would see stuff like that and I was just, like, you know what, I’m out and ultimately left the city. I really became convinced that the system was not, uh, going to be enduring, like, this can’t go on. If the system is based on lying that’s a foundation of sand. Like, it will not continue, uh, much longer and that’s how I feel about our system and by system, I mean our political system, our financial system, and our foreign policy assumptions.

Aug 27, 2023 — Conspiracy theorist Bart Sibrel joins 'Fox News Saturday Night' to discuss his doubts over the moon landing.
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