Thursday, October 26, 2023


What is your reaction to propaganda? Do you have questions? I do! A lot of questions! I trust Richard Gage...I do not trust the government lies! This is a PROPAGANDA piece from National Geographic. Study how they lie to us. Do you want them to do your thinking for you or are you quite capable of coming up with your own questions and theories? I will do my own thinking! Answer the following questions... Didn't Bush tamper with the evidence, by carting it all away, hurriedly? Wasn't the metal sold to China? The cover up never ends! Who planted those explosives so Silverstein could pull WTC #7? He said he 'pulled it' because the fires could not be contained. Then we learned that they never tried using water on the 8th floor fire so they pulled a 47 story high rise without a demolition permit? Who writes this shit? Did Silverstein tell the public that they didn't think of trying water? Who set the fire and why was it on the floor where Enron evidence was located and insider trading documents? What a coincidence! No wonder they didn't think of trying water to put out the blaze. The Fire Chief made the decision to bring down a 47 story building with demolition explosives? That takes months of engineering and planning. Didn't Bush's brother, in charge of security at the WTC call off the bomb sniffing dogs for two weeks? Why? To drill so they could plant explosives? Didn't we see diagonal cuts in the steel after the buildings came down? Who doesn't realize that 9/11 was a controlled demolition? Why did the Omission Commission leave #7 completely out of the report? Was it the 'smoking gun'? No yellow wire, therefore no controlled demolition! If the glove don't fit, you must acquit! What about the diagonal cuts of the support columns? I smell a smoking gun! What about molten iron flowing out of the buildings, before they fell? You can't trust anything put out by the MSM, Google or YouTube. I have done so many searches to find truth and it's scarce. They think they can control what is found, but many of us know the truth. We ask the questions and we cause others to think! Let's never stop asking questions about 9/11. The Titanic is another one to pursue, FOREVER!

Owner's Admission? Silverstein's Apparent Admission that Building 7 was Demolished

W͟H͟A͟T͟ ͟W͟A͟S͟ ͟O͟N͟ ͟H͟I͟S͟ ͟M͟I͟N͟D͟ ͟W͟H͟E͟N͟ ͟H͟E͟ ͟W͟R͟O͟T͟E͟ ͟T͟H͟I͟S͟ ͟S͟O͟N͟G͟?͟---Jeff Beck wrote an Instrumental called "Pull It" I can't help but draw a connection. Of course this is not the original but a remix to fit the video.---BBC Announces Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7

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