Friday, October 13, 2023

Neil Oliver: Hatred is everywhere!


Neil Oliver: Hatred is everywhere!

‘…if we don’t wake up, it’s us, the people, who will pay the ultimate price…’

Oliver relates a tale from history where clan leaders were prepared to sell their kin into slavery for profit. He points out that the rich and powerful often don't give a damn about the people they are supposed to protect or represent. People in any positions of power should be viewed with distrust.

His warning is that ordinary people always pay the price when it comes to the political ambitions of those in power. He talks about the cycles of war, and the pandemic mandates, and how the corrupt actors involved are still in charge. He says they should have been removed by now. And so, many people have no trust in authority today. We can all see the machinations of the corrupt and perhaps the end of this is closer than we think - because the broken nature of the system is so apparent (at least to a growing body of people). 

The solutions might be to create smaller local government, make those in office suffer 24/7 transparency, make all business deals transparent, and have direct voting on every issue or change. The local people should be the ones with the voice and not be part of a system where they acquiesce to what those in power push on them.  

ps. The hatred mentioned in the title is ordinary people hating each other while being played by the power elite, where they are missing the bigger picture or the real issues.

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