Thursday, December 29, 2022

This video was censored for "violent extremism" on TikTok. Reading suggestions, literally books, that go against any official state narratives is now considered akin to real physical violence! Absurd? Speak out now and use those free speech protected words!

The most milk toast of things are now deemed to be too extreme, treated with incendiary language implying kinship to criminal acts, with disagreeable words ludicrously treated like actually weaponry. 

The short video linked below (please watch and subscribe) was censored for "violent extremism" on TikTok. It was essentially reading suggestions, like literally book cover pics. It is apparently now the case that mostly everything that goes against any and all official state narratives, is now considered akin to real physical violence! Absurd? Speak out now and use those free speech protected words! 

While you can...

For awhile now, I've been the proud recipient of hate from all sides, everything from Libs and Conservatives, from debunkers to truthers and especially from big brother above. I gets no respect, no damn love!  Praying 🙏 to Rodney for strength on loan from up above!

So all that hate??? It's fabulous... just great! Upsetting? No damn way, it's really all to the good!!! Getting it coming and going as I very well should. I'm obviously taking flak because I'm over many seemingly diametrically oppossed enemy targets that are meant to be conquered after being manipulated into being so very extremely divided. The endangered species known as a Unifying Centrist is one thing. But then there are those who simply are reinforceing recently cherished middle-ground solution values, via pointing out the foundational, freedom based, major agreements of most folks. Those ones among us that are opposed to all tyrannical like things found currently abounding in droves. This non partisan societal building block is an average Joe's "no go zone" for those into cultural conditioning thought control. It's a big no-no to the authoritarian common foes of the common man. 

On the left they hate the unifying message of Tulsi Gabbard and Jimmy Dore and on the right they paint the Ron Paul Liberation types, also against imperial wars and tyrant's draconian measures galore, as a fringe element at best not worth a snore. Except on January 6th, those were scary domestic terrorists for sure. We've heard about 9/11 around these parts a time or two or more, as a means to justify their endless wars, but at a moment's notice they will paint anyone as the worst threat to "democracy" yet. That is beyond words stupid and we live in a Republic in actuality. But I digress. 

I'm literally outside of the pigeonhole with my name on it and taking only the side of what is right, no matter what former alliances are disturbed. Or at least that's the hard sought after goal that keeps grounding values at the helm of the ship on the seas of the proverbial. 

At the risk of further sounding like some kind of bad attack adjective, I highly suggest this strategy/outcome. It's self evidently effective and barrels of monkies level fun to unload "don't give two shits and a fuck" MO beast mode on anyone in your righteous, but never taking yourself too seriously, path, of kick ass. 

Madness? No! I said kick assness!

OK, rant time done. Carry on with your ha8ter-aide addiction fueled fun everyone! Maybe tell me I'm number 1?! 🖕1️⃣🏅🏆🥇

I'll now be taking a number 2 while thinking of you too, in tribute to things better off covered in #2 goo and pushing up daisies, than to be worthy of driving me "crazy." You're all debunked by and exposed as lazy by one of big brother society's labelled, basket of deplorables emergent, conspiracy nutbar crazies!