Tuesday, December 27, 2022



Richard Gage has been fired from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. He started telling people what he honestly thought about the covid psyop/deception/mass murder.

Richard Gage is a great man. I'd like see him elected president of the United States. I wish he would talk about the fact that the science of classical logic hasn't been taught in our State controlled public schools for more than a century. How are we supposed to understand sophisticated State sponsored deception , such as State sponsored false flag terror , when we have never been taught to reason properly? 

"The thesis I venture to submit to you is as follows: That during the past forty or fifty years those who are responsible for education have progressively removed from the curriculum of studies the Western culture which produced the modern democratic state. That the schools and colleges have , therefore, been sending out into the world men who no longer understand the creative principle of the society by which they must live ; Thus deprived of their cultural tradition , the newly educated Western men no longer posses in the form and substance of their own minds and spirits and ideas , the premises , the rationale , the logic , the method , the values or the deposited wisdom which are the genius of the development of Western civilization ; That the prevailing education is destined , if it continues , to destroy Western civilization and it is in fact destroying it. I realize quite well that this thesis constitutes a sweeping indictment of modern education. But I believe the indictment is justified and there is a prima facie case for entering this indictment . " -Walter Lipmann , speaking before the Association for the Advancement of Science , December 29 , 1940 (taken from John Gatto's book "The Underground History of American Education " , page 221)