Sunday, March 27, 2022

Fran Shure's comments for the Pentagon Presentations held on March 19, 2022---Adam Fitzgerald: The 9/11 Pentacon Conference: The Truth Movement Curse

Fran Shure is retired from being a psychological therapist specializing in early trauma. She is one of the co-founders of Colorado 9/11 Truth and currently on the governing board of that group.

Barbara Honegger has contributed much to the movement, which I appreciate, as well as appreciate her as a strong woman.  But her Pentagon analysis is extremely weak due to the fact that she relies on assertions of witnesses as "evidence." Where are recorded interviews with these witnesses? Where is any hard evidence for what she claims?  Where is any real analysis of the damage? I have yet to see any of this. I haven't even seen the affidavits she claims to have, and not sure these would be worth much anyway.  Her testimony would never stand up in court, and in fact did not in the April Gallop case.

Thierry Meyssan exposes American imperialism, which I applaud.  However, his analysis of what happened at the Pentagon is extremely flawed. Why?  From his 2002 books, he showed ONLY the Jason Ingersoll photo of the 16' opening to "prove" that a missile struck the Pentagon, thus leading the Movement astray with the idea that no plane hit the Pentagon. However, Ingersoll had taken several photos that day, including photos that showed a much broader opening on the first floor. These were not later photos AFTER the roof collapsed, as he claimed in the presentation. M. Meyssan should have known that from the early days of the Movement, these other photos were just as available as the one he chose to publish.

Xander Arena brought in a breath of fresh air with his demeanor and his grappling with the data of the plane crossing the Pentagon lawn.  This is what truth seeking is about.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has taught me much about how to discern a high standard of evidence vs. a low standard. Hearsay and witness testimony need to be a pointers to where to look for hard physical evidence or corroborating analyses. This presentation was head and shoulders above the rest for their analyses of the physical evidence. This is what would stand up in court.

Adam Fitzgerald: The 9/11 Pentacon Conference: The Truth Movement Curse



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