Friday, December 17, 2021

Digital Media and “Warp-Speed” Censorship in the Covid Era

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Dear Activists and Friends,

After much research, my newest essay is finally posted!

Why Do Good People Become Silent — or Worse — About 9/11?

Part 23B: The Role of the Media — The Structure of the Media:  Digital Media and “Warp-Speed” Censorship in the Covid Era

This essay is very long.  Many of us are too busy to read a long piece, so I will send out several emails, several days apart, parceling out sections that can be read in one sitting.
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The first two of the 12 subsections of this essay are attached in this email.  The next two subsections will be sent in my next email, and so on.

My previous essay, Part 23A, focused on what happened to the structure of our legacy media to cause so much propaganda and censorship and how this affected reporting about 9/11.  The purpose of this essay, Part 23B, is to document what happened to the structure of the digital media to cause censorship and propaganda.  However, as I was writing, Covid showed its head and the world reacted in ways extremely dangerous to democracy. 

Many people in the 9/11 Truth Movement (but not all) see a connection between the 9/11 events and the authoritarian response to Covid-19.  I am no exception. I have been very concerned, so I could not NOT write about my observations of the psycho-social parallels of these two crises.  The purpose of this essay, Part 23B, focuses on the "warp speed" censorship of our digital media.  I also focus on fear--how fear affected us both after 9/11 and after the advent of Covid and how this fear was stoked by authorities to manipulate populations. I write all of my essays with a synthesis of research and my background as a depth psychotherapist.

Here are the 12 subsections of Part 23B with the estimated time to read each one.

1. Net Neutrality (How did we lose it? 3-minutes.)

2. Net Censorship (The internet has been the bastion of free speech. How did the net become so censored? 17 minutes.)

3. The Sacred Myth of Covid (There was a sacred myth of 9/11 fed to the world by media. What is the sacred myth of Covid? What is the reality? How was the reality suppressed? 12 minutes.)

4. The Warp Speed of Censorship (Based on Trump's term, the "warp speed" development of Covid vaccines, how did we get "warp speed" censorship in the last two years? How did the one allowable narrative about Covid propagate worldwide? 13 minutes.)

5. Enter the Fact Checkers (How did they get their start? Do they give us facts, or are they simply an arm of the propaganda machine? How can we know when they are lying? 12 minutes.)

6. The Psychology of Fear (Why do humans have so much fear--from both a psychological and from a spiritual perspective? Why do some have more fear than others? How do we heal? 6 minutes.)

7. The Politics of Fear (How have leaders used fear to manipulate masses of people throughout the ages? Especially fear of invisible enemies and of disease? What is "mass formation psychosis"? 8 minutes.)

8. Whistleblowers on the Politics of Fear (A group of behavioral-scientist whistleblowers in the UK are remorseful that they advised the UK and other governments on how to weaponize fear so that people would comply with lockdowns. What can we learn from this whistleblowing? 10 minutes.)

9. Social-Psychological Parallels Between 9/11 and the Covid-19 Pandemic (How did fear porn from authorities, our human tendencies to believe authorities, and our human tendency to conform affect our reactions to both events? 10 minutes.)

10. The Psychology of Fear and the Great Mask and Lockdown Debate (Do masks and lockdowns work? How were people affected by mask wearing and lockdowns? 10 minutes.)

11. The Connection: 9/11 and Covid-19 (Could both events be seen as steps to close down societies worldwide? What do Naomi Wolf and Naomi Klein say? 8 minutes.)

12. Conclusion and Solutions (A summary and a vision. Hope for the future. 10 minutes.)

The concerning tyrannical responses to both 9/11 and Covid continue to roll out rapidly. Don't be silenced. Share this email with friends. After doing your homework, feel free to share with me any constructive feedback.

With appreciation,

Fran Shure