Friday, December 24, 2021

9/11 Christmas reading: 3 great books...

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September saw the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and there is little sign of it going away as an issue that is at least intriguing  and at most has the potential to destabilise Washington even now - as the clumsy censorship of Spike Lee's TV series demonstrates.

So with the quiet days post Christmas looming and possibly more lockdowns, now might be the time to check out for yourself (or give a friend) one of the excellent batch of 9/11 books newly published in 2021. Here they are...

1. Jamie Macphail: 911 Unravelling the Lies. A well researched and cogently argued free web book looking across the board at the various issues from CIA shenanigans to the still simmering doubts about what hit the Pentagon.

2. Ray McGinnis: Unanswered Questions. Written from the perspective of the 9/11 relatives' questions this is primarily a book about the coverup but it is elegantly written and brimming with research detail. For instance the author has dug up many more reports corroborating the accounts of explosions in the basement  of the buildings before the planes hit

3. Ian Henshall: 911 The New Evidence911 Revealed was published in 2005 as a glossy book crammed with pictures, diagrams etc by Rowland Morgan and myself and serialised in the UK's Daily Mail. It has since then been completely overhauled and republished as 911: The New Evidence and now overhauled again as an e book

Hope to see you some time in the New Year

Ian Henshall

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