Friday, February 19, 2021

Facebook Just BANNED Basically The ENTIRE Country Of Australia In Most INSANE Act Of Censorship EVER (Tim Pool)

Facebook has been censoring alternative media on their platform for a long time and now, when the mainstream news channels are being hit, everyone is kicking up a fuss. The reason for the news ban was because the Australian Government wanted FB to pay for corporate news being hosted on their platform.  One could argue that FB was actually acting like a publisher with the censoring of the Alt media, and so they needed to pay up. 

Incidentally, I saw in a local Australian newspaper how a politician was complaining how bad it was that 'professional journalists, with sound editorial departments, and fact checking systems' were now being banned. What a joke ! The Australian media, when it comes to world and US affairs, is a disgrace. The MSM in Australia tends to feed off the corrupt US corporate networks without properly fact checking anything. Their own journalists seem corrupt too - especially the foreign correspondents that skew stories to suit the US Deep State narrative.

Screw the MSM and screw FB. As individuals you can still get around the censorship by sharing and posting news and videos (without providing URL links) on that platform. Post Alt news information while the ban is being enforced. 

ps. This ban helps to reveal what a monster big tech has become - a threat to free speech and democracy.  Companies like FB, Google, and You Tube might need a level of regulation and oversight. They are acting as public utilities through their monopolies. However, regulation should be unnecessary as people now have the opportunity to move to other platforms (making these companies the next MySpace). 

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, February 20, 2021.]