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Media Matters Hit Piece Debunked! Alex Jones claims frontline coronavirus health care workers are killing patients for eugenics

First off, stating the death numbers are inflated as Jones has done is not at all the same as claiming the outbreak has been outright faked. Secondly, the numbers of deaths are officially admittedly inflated.

How Are They Counting Covid19 Deaths? This Is The Clear Truth...

Also, the numbers of deaths we are getting cannot be trusted according to many medical professionals...

Doctor Calls Out CDC COVID Death Statistics

And Then the Experts™ Started Questioning the Narrative | ‘Conspiracy Theory’ of the Faulty Count

Global scientists revise predictions, claim coronavirus mortality much lower than previously thought

Tucker: What is the Actual Death Rate of COVID-19?

Anecdotally there are corroborating accounts like the one below, I too have heard stories like this from people personally...

Jeanne Lofland
There have been people on FB talking about the virus. The one is an ICU nurse. She said 3 patients died from other illnesses and when she went to work the next day the death certificates listed the virus as the cause of death. Another woman said an elderly relative died from complications of heart failure and his death certificate said he died from the virus. People all over the world are making similar claims.

NYC Nurse Whistleblower: NYC Hospitals Are Intentionally Killing Covid-19 Patients  Read more:

So maybe this is why the death rates are so high in NYC compared to almost all other places in the U.S.

"Patients aren't allowed to be given hydroxychloroquine, zpac, or other meds"
"Patients are just put on ventilators and allowed to slowly die"
"The high pressure ventilators are causing trauma to patient's lungs, making their condition worse"
"Doctors & nurses routinely violated safety protocols and even refused to go into patient rooms to check on patients"
The lady appears very sincere, sounds educated, and seems genuine.

Politifact takes a stab at debunking this video, stating:

Claim: Medications proven in other parts of the country to help COVID-19 patients "are not being used in hospitals in New York City."The video cited hydroxychloroquine alone or with zithromax; zinc; vitamin C; and high doses of vitamins A and D.None have been established as a proven treatment for COVID-19, although some trials are underway.Hydroxychorloquine and zithromax:We’ve reported that while some studies have found that hydroxychloroquine could mitigate some of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, other research has found no such effect. With more than 50 studies in the works, as well as an NIH clinical trial, it’s too soon to say whether the drug is a viable treatment for the coronavirus.  
However, the real political fact of the matter is that since Trump promoted the drug, politics has been played with people's lives and cost them just that. Vested financial interests in a new more expensive treatment is another possible motive. A careful examination of all the available academic literature regarding treatments that include the use of Hydroxychorloquine reveals the truth of this statement as per the current data...

Pseudo-Science behind the Assault on Hydroxychloroquine


  • HCQ-based treatments are effective in treating COVID-19, unless started too late.
  • Studies, cited in opposition, have been misinterpreted, invalid, or worse.
  • HCQ and AZ are some of the most tested and safest prescription drugs.
  • Severe COVID-19 frequently causes cardiac effects, including heart arrhythmia. QTc prolonging drugs might amplify this tendency. Millions of people regularly take drugs having strong QTc prolongation effect, and neither FDA nor CDC bother to warn them. HCQ+AZ combination, probably has a mild QTc prolongation effect. Concerns over its negative effects, however minor, can be addressed by respecting contra-indications.
  • Effectiveness of HCQ-based treatment for COVID-19 is hampered by conditions that are presented as precautions, delaying the onset of treatment. For examples, some states require that COVID-19 patients be treated with HCQ exclusively in hospital settings.
  • The COVID-19 Treatment Panel of NIH evaded disclosure of the massive financial links of its members to Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of a competing drug remdesivir. Among those who failed to disclose such links are 2 out of 3 of its co-chairs.
  • Despite all the attempts by certain authorities to prevent COVID-19 treatment with HCQ and HCQ+AZ, both components are approved by FDA, and doctors can prescribe them for COVID-19.
Also See:

Politifact continues...
Claim: COVID-19 patients are put on ventilators with high pressure that "causes trauma to the lungs."
Kyle-Sidell, an emergency medicine and critical-care physician at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, posted a video on March 31 that was still on YouTube as we prepared this fact-check. Kyle-Siddell raised urgent concerns about how ventilators are being used on the sickest COVID-19 patients — but because of what he describes as an honest misunderstanding about the virus, not neglect.He said hospitals around the country were following a ventilator protocol based on treating pneumonia, but that COVID-19 is not causing pneumonia and that ventilators must be used a different way to avoid damaging patients’ lungs...
Misunderstanding or neglect the result is the same and politifact is missing how this issue and the first are inescapably intertwined...


For weeks, the media and the left yelped and caterwauled for ventilators. Needless to say, the shortage never happened. Worse, ventilators can do more harm than good. But the media continues to promote ventilators while attacking and inciting fear about hydroxychloroquine, zithromax and zinc.
From doctors on scene in Florida: “ER docs are finding that ‘low sat’ “happy hypoxics” comfortably walking around did well with high flow nasal cannulas, but because there’s a protocol to intubate a low sat, they were tubing high numbers and sending them into cytokine storm, and this is unique to Covid19 in that is not the thing to do unless the patient becomes in true respiratory distress. So it’s cannulas needed more than vents and the “experts” have to catch up.

And when patients go to ICU they try to talk them into hospice right away.”
It’s a culture of death.
Politifact wraps up...
Claim: "There are people who are a full code and yet, if they crash, they’re not doing compression, because it will spread the virus. Full code--not doing compression.""Not true," Spencer said.It’s possible a patient coded in a New York hospital and there was no response, likely because of a lack of staff.The Washington Post reported March 31 that several New York City hospitals, besieged by patients, had taken what it called the unprecedented step of allowing doctors not to resuscitate people with COVID-19 to avoid exposing health-care workers to the highly contagious virus. Those policies were for coronavirus patients who stopped breathing or were in cardiac arrest.
However, what the whistleblower nurse stated regarding full code is supported by medical professionals having discussions online...
There’s no such thing as an emergency in a pandemic. Code or not, I’m not participating unless I feel confident in the PPE available to me.
I provide no value if I’m quarantined for 14 days. I can cause further harm if I spread the virus to colleagues and other patients, who may then spread it to even more people.
Administrators and bureaucrats are just as capable of delivering high quality chest compressions with minimal instruction. Let’s see them step into that room with only a surgical mask... or whatever their recommendation may be at that moment.

level 2
Exactly. It takes what, a minute to don PPE in a hurry? Realistically is that 60 seconds without compressions going to change the outcome of a covid arrest? Not risking my life for that and definitely not apologising either. Even in the most dire situation we are trained not to panic. Why should we suddenly forget how we operate and rush in like we're in an episode of Casualty/ER?

‘Culling’ the old & weak: Eugenics and social Darwinism rear their ugly heads in the Covid-19 pandemic


Probably the most repulsive take I’ve heard so far on Corona is the one which goes: “What are we having these lockdowns and ‘social distancing’ for? It’s only – or predominantly – the old and already ill who are dying from Covid-19 – and they didn’t have too long to live anyway.” Writing for the Critic, UK commentator Toby Young, who has previously advocated what he called ‘progressive eugenics’, said that “spending £350bn to prolong the lives of a few hundred thousand mostly elderly people is an irresponsible use of taxpayers’ money.”

Fact check: Hospitals get paid more if patients listed as COVID-19, on ventilators

Our ruling: True

We rate the claim that hospitals get paid more if patients are listed as COVID-19 and on ventilators as TRUE.
Media Matters states, "Jones has alternately suggested that hospitals are actually empty."

It is not just Jones stating this, but rather citizen journalists documenting it...

Video: Americans Ask Why Are Hundreds Of Hospitals Are Empty ...
By Infowars | INFOWARS.COM Monday, March 30, 2020 Over the weekend hundreds of citizen journalists went to their local hospitals to show how they have become ghost towns and posted the footage to the #FilmYourHospital on Twitter.
  1. Mar 29, 2020 · Collection of videos from the last three days from Corona virus hotspots showing empty waiting rooms, no lines EMS sitting in their cars. The lone video showing patients is from Jamaica hospital.
    •  9 min
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    Retail Apocalypse: 2016 Brings Empty Shelves And… Police Raid Dead Man's Home Over And Over And Over Again; Your Cell Phone Is Secretly Taking Pictures And… With User Permission, IPhone Apps Can Take Secret… Facebook Will Begin Fact Checking Videos And Pictures; The Youtube Thought Police Has Removed More Than…
    Mar 29, 2020 · Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Nurse who posted coronavirus video fired from Sinai-Grace Hospital - Duration: 2:26.
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  2. Video of Empty Berlin Hospital Exposes COVID19 Fakery | PSI, Inc.
    Mar 30, 2020 · German video – already banned from Youtube – by an established journalist reveals the shocking reality of an empty emergency hospital in Berlin. At the same time the mainstream media is claiming that the coronavirus pandemic is stretching medical resources to the limit.
    Mar 31, 2020 · Collection of videos from the last three days from Corona virus hotspots showing empty waiting rooms, no lines EMS sitting in their cars. The lone video showing patients is from Jamaica hospital. The below clip also shows a UK woman scolding men in hazmat suits for drumming up hysteria, claiming she saw a man they pronounced dead taken to the ...
Media Matters chatters, "Jones connected the supposed practice of killing patients for eugenics purposes to people including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, a frequent target of his conspiracy theories."

Bill Gates is undoubtedly under suspicion by many for his predicting of the pandemic and his connections to every purposed solution, except of course Hydroxychloroquin.

And yes, he is a eugenicist and an attempted debunking of this point has been exposed as the true bunkum at my site Debunking the Debunkers...
At TED 2010, Gates revealed that vaccines will play a role in reducing the population, and has since repeated this many times.
The 'nothing to see here' explanation for Bill Gates' quote is that the population of the third world is currently high due to poor health, and improving the health will lower the population. For a while, I struggled to follow the logic that the population of the third world is high because lot's of children are dying, but now I see it does make sense. The populations of western countries are lower because they naturally stabilized when the countries developed, due to an overall improvement in health. The reason poverty causes overpopulation is because high child mortality leads to mothers having more kids.
Let's say for example a country has a ten percent child mortality rate. In other words, one in ten children will die before they reach adulthood. Such a high rate will prompt parents to have more kids to balance it out, but since you can't have 0.1 of a kid, most parents will say have one more kid, resulting in more births than deaths and an increase in the population.
Now I still see some logical problems with this. For one thing, when population increases, so does poverty, which would increase the death rate and you'd think it would balance out. Also there are other reasons why birth rates in western countries are lower, such as the fact that we have better access to contraceptives.
Nonetheless, improving health in the third world most likely would lower the population as Gates' defenders claim, but there are a number of reasons to suspect that improving health isn't his goal. The elite tend to talk in code (e.g. whenever they say 'security', they mean tyranny) and we're not basing our 'paranoia' entirely on Bill Gates' words. It's more of a dot connecting exercise. As I said before in a response to Pat Curley:
The reason Bill Gates wants to lower the population of the third world supposedly is to reduce global CO2 emissions to combat 'climate change'. Whenever the 'threat' of climate change is invoked to justify something, you should be suspicious. In ancient times the priest class would claim whenever there was a solar eclipse that a 'snake god' was eating the sun, and would eat the Earth unless their tribes worshipped them. This whole climate hysteria is just the modern day equivalent - blaming humans for natural phenomena. Hell, they tried blaming the earthquake in Japan on 'climate change'. It may very well have been due to climate change, but of course when they say 'climate change', they're implying 'human CO2', which is ridiculous.
I challenge anyone to read this excellent analysis of the leaked 'ClimateGate' emails and still have 100% confidence in the 'science' of anthropogenic global warming.
Another thing to consider is that the elite have no intention of developing the third world. In fact, the environmental movement has become the number one force for preventing third-world development. This is exposed in the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle.
This is made obvious in Bill Gates' TED talk with his formula: P×S×E×C. It's no good lowering the P (Population) of the third world if you're going to increase its S, E and C (Services, Energy and Carbon use), because that would just cancel it out. So in the same way the western world has to lower its S, E and C to be more 'sustainable', which will condemn us to poverty, the third world must remain in poverty.
If you still doubt that 'depopulation' means 'killing people', consider this. According to veteran Bilderberg journalist Jim Tucker, who has moles inside the meetings who leak intel to him every year that allows him to essentially predict the future, one of the main talking points at this year's Bilderberg, which Bill Gates attended, was the wars in the middle east. According to Tucker"They're unifed on their war project. Their rationalization is that the world is too crowded anyway, they have to limit the population growth, and one way to do it is with our wars. They've been amplifying that all day". So in this sense, 'depopulation' really does mean 'killing people'.
Just yesterday, in the NATO/Bilderberg led 'kinetic military action' in Libya, a university was bombed, leaving many innocent students and staff members dead. This is the sort of thing they mean when they say 'depopulation'. It's not about saving lives, it's about ending lives.
So, can you really be sure when they talk about vaccinating the third world to reduce the population, they mean '... by saving lives'?
Can you really be sure that the Microsoft founder who sounds like Kermit the Frog has good intentions?

I didn't interpret Bill Gates' statement as an admission like other people have - "see, Bill Gates admitted vaccines are bad" - but rather I see it as another dot to connect. I already know vaccines are bad, that's Dot No. 1. I also know, from all the scandals, and from common sense, that man-made global warming is a fraud, that's Dot No. 2. And here's a multi-billionaire, who's associated with the likes of David Rockefeller (there's twenty more dots right there!), invoking the climate fraud and saying vaccines are going to be used for population control ... You connect the dots!
As to Alex Jones claiming doctors and nurses are having sex on the job and getting high, the overlapping point he was making is that they have have plenty of time on their hands to mess around as many believe the dancing TikTok nurse videos demonstrate, some with obviously a lot of coordination and planning involved. This is then juxtaposed with other knowledge Jones has, such as the following and perhaps anecdotal info...


While the rate of drug addiction among nurses is similar to that of the general population, a study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that there is a big difference in addiction rates between nursing specialties. Nurses in critical care and emergency specialties are more likely to use marijuana and cocaine. The theory behind this connection is that these disciplines attract people with thrill-seeking personalities. Marijuana use, especially in teenagers, has been linked to thrill-seeking behaviors, and cocaine is notoriously connected with adrenaline-junkies.

As to the sex in hospitals, well that would be thrill-seeking. A fact check on the topic from medical professionals is not totally dismissive.

The responses at Twitter responding to the Tweet that started off this entry are disgusting with person after person calling for Jones to be arrested and have his free speech totally taken away. Sandy Hook and Pizzagate are mentioned as justifications. Jones is a flamboyant and effective stream of consciousness. These commenters can hate his personality all they want, but they are missing the bigger picture and very disinformed... hence the term infowars. Here is some counter information regarding Jones and these related issues... 

Alex Jones in the News Again for Sandy Hook Lawsuits - What Exactly Did He Say FOR REAL NO SPIN and Why is Free Speech Never Brought Up? - Jones Has Been Targeted for What He Gets Right Not Something He May Have Got Wrong

Joe Rogan is right about Alex Jones being right about a lot and more than he knows... ALEX JONES PREDICTED THE CORONAVIRUS AND MUCH MORE - ALEX JONES IS RIGHT A LOT!