Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Flatwoods Monster, UFO's & other paranormal explained by Dave Spinks

Editor's Note: The host read 4 or 5 of my questions I sent in from my "debunker buster" account. Cool show, well worth a listen and I've scheduled him for the Truth Teller's Radio podcast in April.

Join us on United Public Radio, You Tube, and Deprogrammed Radio in the UK as we interview Paranormal Investigator Dave Spinks.

Dave Spinks has been investigating and researching the Supernatural since 1986 due to several experiences he had as a young man. Since that time he has conducted several hundred investigations in the U.S. as well as Europe. Dave served in the U.S. Air Force for 8 Years and went on to Work as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer Retiring in 2011. During his paranormal investigations Dave has experienced many hair raising and Un-nerving things as one might imagine. Having investigated strange phenomena for over 30 years he has built many friendships with some of the most well known investigators in the field today. He has been seen on various Television shows to include Terror in the Woods, Paranormal 911, The Unexplained, In Search of Monsters, and These Woods are Haunted to name a few. He was also featured in the Film Flatwoods Monster,( A legacy of Fear), by Small Town Monsters. He has been a featured guest on hundreds of Paranormal Themed Radio Shows and Pod Casts. Dave is often a featured guest speaker at Paranormal Conferences around the country. He is Also an Author on Topics that include Cryptids, Hauntings and UFology releasing his first book “West Virginia Bigfoot”, in 2018 and was featured in the highly successful “Woodknocks” series by David Weatherly.

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Flatwoods Monster, UFO's & other paranormal explained by Dave Spinks