Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Woman Denied Service at Taco Bell Because She Could Not Speak Spanish in Hialeah

Hell Raiser
Shes probably an illegal.

Tom Tom
black American Patriots are getting red-pilled.....I think ICE need to take a visit down here....oh, and the TACO BELL MANAGER needs to be fired.

Editor's Note:

Taco Bell hires illegals. When I used to work there years ago I knew this to be the case 100% as I hung out with some of the them and drank beer sometimes. I was friends with one who did speak English and lived with several others. The manager also talked about covering for them in some kind of situation because they didn't have green cards. My first day on the job a different manager was asleep in the office hung over and I had to work the dine-in side of the food line with a Mexican woman who didn't speak English, while the only other employee there (who did speak English) worked the drive-through side by himself. It was a nightmare. I don't know why I kept working there after that, but a I did for several years. There were many illegals who did not speak English and 3 or 4 of them they liked to break into cars and steal things in their free time and also stole change from the donation water game, where you try to land a coin on platform to get a free taco.

Woman Denied Service at Taco Bell Because She Could Not Speak Spanish in Hialeah

Jason Schwartz
She was really denied service because she is black. Keep voting for the left folks!

Yall Toilets B Talkin Shit

Its actually because the Hispanic lady is secretly racist and just didn’t want to deal with this woman.... but you won’t hear those accusations coming from the left...😉😉