Thursday, July 13, 2017

Obama Lawyers Suing Donald Trump & Roger Stone? - FAKE LAWSUIT: Obama Admin Sues Roger Stone & Trump Over WikiLeaks - Roger Stone Responds To Obama's Lawsuit Against Him And President Trump

Andrew Flowers6 hours ago ummm... look at the timeline? Donald Trump Jr received emails from Russia about Hillary Clinton emails in June, just after Russia hacked the DNC, in May, 2016. Coincidence?

DebunkerBuster1 second ago Donald Trump Jr. didn't receive any usable info. The lawyer that contacted Jr. was anti-Trumper and connected to Obama. Seth Rich was the DNC leaks source. Podesta used password as his password. Don Jr. Was Set Up By Deep State, Russian Lawyer Linked To Group That Created Fake Piss Gate Dossier - Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya is Pictured with Obama Ambassador to Russia – 8 Days After Trump Jr. Mtg: Curiousor and Curiousor – Natalia Veselnitskaya Pictured With Obama Officals in DC on June 14th, 2016 - Obama’s FBI Spent Millions To Buy Phony Pee-Pee-Gate Dossier - Roger Stone: Trump Needs To Arrest Obama And All Of The Other Globalists Committing Treason: Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya was Anti-Trump & Posted Picture on Facebook from inside John McCain’s Office - The Official Legal Explanation Why Donald Trump Jr. Committed No Crimes: BOMBSHELL: New Report Shows Guccifer 2.0-DNC Files Were Copied Locally—Not Hacked - DNC Emails Were Copied To Flash Drive NOT Over the Internet: KIM DOTCOM DESTROYS U.S. MEDIA REGARDING SETH RICH COVER UP: Seth Rich Was WikiLeaks Source: So… how was Kim Dotcom able to predict WikiLeaks DNC emails in 2015??? #SethRich "Julian Assange is going to be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare" - Kim Dotcom