Friday, November 11, 2016

Where-the-F*** were the protests for...

Steve Weathers shared NowThis's video. November 9 at 10:16pm ·

Where-the-F*** were the protests for attacking Libya, for sponsoring the Proxy War in Syria (spearheaded by extremists), for the drone strikes, for backing a neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine, for the non-prosecution of 1% criminals that smashed the economy via acts of mortgage fraud (including derivatives fraud), for failing to prosecute the previous Administration Neocons who launched illegal wars and authorised torture, for the the non-vetoing of detention-without-trial bills and other criminal activity? I'm not against protesting, but there looks like a double standard here. The current administration would need to torture a puppy (an animal) live on TV to get any kind of reaction (Pilger was right about people being hypnotised).