Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The pro-establishment mainstream media propagandists and their lapdog 'experts' are still pushing lies about Trump.

News tip to media by Steve Weathers

The tip is that media 'experts' have continually lied about the US election. Even your Fact Checks are either wrong or distorted. 

I know because I've been following the election closely, watching primary source videos (that show what Trump actually said and the context), and I've been blogging about it.

On Q&A, one of the (propagandist/misinformed) guests said that Trump called all Mexicans rapists. This is a media concocted lie. He was talking about border security - that not the best sort of people were crossing, that they were drug dealers, criminals and rapists (talking about a subset of illegals). He then went on to say that he has no problem with Mexicans or legal immigration!

When it came to Trump's comments on banning all Muslims, another point raised on the Q&A program, the media forgets to mention the context - that this came after a report stated there was no processing of people coming in from war zones (where extremist Muslims are killing other Muslims). He said the US needed a blanket ban until 'we can figure out what the hell is going on'. 

I personally think the mainstream media has been deliberately lying about the election in order to support the neocon Hillary Clinton in reaction to Trump's signalling that he intends to upset many existing policies, including ones related to war. However, Trump's personal demeanour and loose tongue have also (understandably) contributed to the (liberal) establishment-class backlash against him. 

Specifically when it comes to war Trump has pushed back against the blatant lies being told about 'moderate rebels' fighting Assad in Syria. Anyone spending a few minutes online can discover from multiple independent sources (the US Peace Council for instance) that the rebels in Syria are actually western-supported extremists fond of killing civilians and are simply tools for regime change. The US Defence Intelligence Agency pointed this out in a 2012 document that was declassified a few years later. Trump's reaction to back Russia and Assad is the most rational action for those wanting peace.

The takeaway from the US election is that the mainstream media, establishment academia, and the professional political class are not telling the people the truth. That regardless of whatever propaganda claim is made by the MSM, the people are not so easily fooled anymore.

Presently there are an avalanche of explanations to excuse the Trump win - almost all of them wrongheaded - that Trump won because of racism (and yet the people who twice voted for Obama turned their votes to Trump), that the polling was simply mistaken when it was clearly being rigged.   

The low standard of journalism is a function of two things. Outright lying and a lack of research. The ABC needs to stack its 'expert panels' with more of those from the alternative media in order to challenge the prevailing (dishonest) narratives you run.

In terms of the ongoing Trump election you would do well to visit the Trump is Right blog. It is run by a friend of mine who lives in Pennsylvania. Both himself and myself fully backed Trump the entire way through the election as part of the alternative/social media scene:    

The bottom line is that you people (and the majority of your guests) in the MSM either don't really know what you are talking about or are lying about what is happening.

Please share this communication widely (particularly to your Planet America crew).