Monday, June 20, 2016

Did Woody Harrelson’s Father Murder JFK? He Was a Convicted Hitman Who Claimed He Did

In his new film Now You See Me 2  (spoiler alert) actor Woody Harrelson plays a character who after being caught by police for being involved in murder proclaims that he is just a patsy. Obviously this a reference to the words uttered by Lee Harvey Oswald after being arrested following the assassination of JFK. It could also be a thinly veiled defense of his father Charles Harrelson who was a convicted hitman who once claimed to have been involved in the murder of JFK, since the character in the film was guilty after all. In this presentation, Houston Police Department forensic artist and facial expert Lois Gibson, places Charles Harrelson at the scene the day Kennedy was killed.

Did Woody Harrelson’s Father Murder JFK? He Was... by debunkerbuster