Friday, October 3, 2014

October 4 Demonstration: Stop the Bombing of Iraq - Don't Bomb Syria

Iraq demonstration
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Stop the Bombing of Iraq - Don't Attack Syria
Demonstrate Saturday 4 October: Assemble 1pm
Temple Place London WC2R 3BD
March to Downing Street
    hashtag: #NoIraq3

Russell Brand
Russell Brand, who will join us on Saturday, says: Bombing won't work - it is going to make matters worse. It will lead to ground troops going in. That will make matters worse. These kind of operations always make things worse. These are the real lessons from history.

Brian Eno
Brian Eno supports the demonstration and says: Once again it feels like we're being frog-marched into an incomprehensible war, with the usual cocktail of paranoia, propaganda and party-politics. Our MPs are by and large too ill-informed to make a judgement, or too spineless to defy their party whips, so it’s once again down to the people to show some sense.

AL Kennedy
AL Kennedy supports the demonstration and says: We've already been fooled more than once by a drive into poorly planned, badly executed and bloody military operations designed to profit the few, destabilise other economies and distract a disgusted electorate from Westminster's failings. Every time we let them fool us again - shame on us.

Seumas Milne
Seumas Milne will also join us on Saturday.



Demonstrate against the insanity of a third Iraq war

Parliament has voted for the third Iraq War. The last two have brought almost unimaginable suffering to the people of Iraq and have helped to create the current chaos, driving the country to the brink of break up.

They claim this is a humanitarian operation to defeat Isis. In fact, Isis is backed by various middle east powers and a new aerial bombardment will not defeat it. It will however, kill innocents, further fragment the country and inflame violence.

The record of the west's wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya show that as well as creating misery and mayhem, western military interventions make the world a more volatile, dangerous place.
Cameron's new war has built-in mission creep. Discussions are already underway for Britain to join the bombing of Syria, and there are growing calls for boots on the ground.

The Stop the War Coalition is asking every one of its supporters to attend the demonstration against the insanity of another war on Iraq.


Three Petitions - Obama: Don't Bomb Syria or Iraq!