Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Truth

Corruption least it seems so.
Clearly corruption played a huge part in 9/11..The dedicated to truth writers on this blog have spent untold hrs. researching the facts,the numbers, an given much of their time to get the information re: 9/11 truth out there.

Every time I hear the president or some known  liar to get in office  politician speak regarding 9/11.. well to be frank I get enraged.
After all this time and after all these facts regarding explosive materials, countless hrs. of vid members saying they do not believe the official reports, architects, pilots fireman, an other Japan saying the official report is bogus.... What we have is no new investigation.
What we have parading as a truth within our culture is one of the most egregious boldface lie ever told in modern history.
The only way that we could have this is through pure corruption.

Most people know by now that they were lied to regarding 9/11.
I walk and talk about it round my neck of the people shake their heads  yes when I say 9/11 was an inside job...they agree. Ask anyone.... do politicians lie ? ....and people will answer you with something like this...only when their lips are moving...but somehow there is still no new investigation....People want to argue over stuff planes,,space beams,,,pancake whatever else they believe took those towers down...I just want to say this...It doesn't matter who is right about what did the deed re: how those towers fell. To me what matters is this..that official story is a lie..period...that's it..its a can we unify on that...all else is irrelevant in my way of looking at the world.

Some very corrupt people in office then and now continue to tell the same lie when it comes to 9/11. The corruption runs deep or we would have heard the truth from our government way before now.
My heartfelt thanks to the tireless efforts of the writers on this blog an their dedication to one thing..the truth...thank you're awesome.