Friday, May 23, 2014

Comment on '9/11 Memorial Museum's gift shop sparks outrage with some families' at

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"The whole thing is beyond shameful. The truth of what happened on 911 cannot be hidden from all, forever. Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth (of which over 2100 have now signed a petition calling for an actual investigation*, will be out there presenting facts (evidence of demolition) ignored by the mass media and the official accounts, but well-documented, -and so not going anywhere. *An actual investigation would be by a regulatory agency that considers all of the evidence and tests for explosives. Not the farces we have seen from FEMA, the 911 Comm. -which dint even mention Building 7, and NIST, which didn't address the actual destruction of the Towers and took 7 years to tell us WTC 7 imploded (the perimeter at actual free fall for the first 108 feet!) fell from "normal office fires" and 'not from explosives' -even though they never tested for explosives. Beyond absurd and shameful. Just like the anthrax from a week later, a nano engineered thermitic explosive has been found in every sample of dust a group of scientists tested, -is very hightech stuff that has been traced back to US military labs. The peer-reviewed paper, (Harrit 2009) remains unchallenged. In fact numerous studies have been done showing mutually supportive results. They can be found at the Journal for 911 Studies."