Monday, February 10, 2014

Root Causes

By Colin Donoghue

Like global radioactivity from heavily subsidized nuclear power-plants and depleted uranium weaponry, GMO corruption of the food supply, destruction of ocean-life leading to the largest source of oxygen on this planet being heavily depleted, to state-sponsored terrorism, it all came into being for the same reason: the constant and immense funneling of wealth and power to the few, which is conducted mainly by land control, cost and taxation. By disallowing self/community-sufficiency this unnatural (and inevitably destructive) concentration of wealth/power is achieved, with horrible consequences, like the events of 9/11/01.  Even if someone were to believe the official story this would hold true, since there would have been no state to attack by those who "hate our freedoms," nor the technological means to do such massive damage (most modern tech is only possible through the same unnatural/unjust concentration of wealth & power).