Friday, February 14, 2014

Basile Study Update

Mark Basile is planning to compose a progress report that will be posted on the fundraising page withing a couple of weeks.

I can report that stage one of this study is about to commence and that it involves getting an independent lab to perform tests on known primer paints to allow direct comparison to the active red/gray chips. This will include SEM/EDX and FTIR or Raman to characterize chip composition, and DSC tests to confirm the non-production of molten metal/iron during exposure to approximately 400 - 600 degrees C and establish the exotherm/endotherm characteristics of these paints. 

Stage two will involve repeating the same tests on the thermitic red/gray chips and analyzing the reaction products.

Mr. Basile predicts that the tests will require a few months to complete.

The fundraiser is still active and more funding would pay for more tests and publishing in a reviewed journal. If anyone knows about available WTC dust please contact Mr. Talboo at