Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Proposal for Independent Study of the WTC Dust - Using an Independent Lab that has No Idea that the Dust is From the WTC or From 9/11 (Donate)

Chemical Engineer Mark Basile proposes a blind study into the WTC dust:
A "blind" study is when the technicians performing the test have no idea what the purpose of the test is or where the testing samples came from, so that they will not unconsciously influence results.
In previous analyses of the dust by independent 911 investigators, iron microspheres were found - something that could not be created by jet fuel or office fire - plus there were also unreacted red/grey chips that ignited in a thermitic (incendiary) fashion to produce iron spheres.

This physical evidence shows that Thermitic materials, which are sometimes used by the military to demolish equipment - and have been used to dismantle steel structures in the past - were present in the buildings on 911.

Along with the collapse features of the Towers and WTC7, plus the evidence of eyewitnesses to explosions and melted steel, we can see that explosive and incendiary devices must have been used.

Please donate a few dollars to Mark Basile's blind study by following his green highlighted link on his webpage. Do not be concerned about Government interference since the tests will be monitored.

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