Friday, May 24, 2013

Can we please quit with the "hoax" theories?!

Over the past few months I've seen a disturbing rise in "hoax" theories. Ever since Sandy Hook, and the viral videos claiming that to be a hoax, every major event - the Boston bombings, the recent attack in London etc. - has attracted similar hoax theories.

These theories are not helping our cause. I'm not saying don't question the mainstream version of these events. By all means, question why they happened and who carried them out and whether they might be "problem-reaction-solution" psyops etc. - I do too - but don't deny that they happened!

Claiming that the traumatized survivors and distressed love ones of victims of these events are "actors" is disgusting and offensive and only alienates us from them and makes us look irrational. Not only that but it's giving the government's morals too much credit! They've more than proven time and time again that they have no problem actually killing people, so if they were to engineer a false flag event, why would they fake killing people? It's a lot of unnecessary extra hassle. Any false flag operation they carry out would have to be highly compartmentalized, and involving hundreds of literal actors in the operation would make that very difficult.

And it's for these same reasons 9/11 "truthers" need to drop the Pentagon no-plane and Flight 93 fake phone call stuff.  In fact, it's likely because of how pervasive these theories are that this new generation of hoax theories exists.