Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Mysterious Death of Author Phillip Marshal

Alex welcomes investigative journalist and author Wayne Madsen to analyze the mysterious murder-suicide of "conspiracy theorist" author Phillip Marshall. We'll also cover other major headlines and take your calls.


We know 911 involved inside help because we have evidence that the three 'collapsed' World Trade Centre buildings were brought down in unconventional controlled demolitions.

So, considering that fact and the suspicious deaths of witnesses to explosions like Barry Jennings (WTC7)and the particular circumstances of this suicide case we should be suspicious and mindful that the cover-up is strongly being enforced. Killing solid witnesses that can help reveal the truth about 911 is a logical course of action for the group involved in these mass murders.

And only the truth about the 911 attacks will stop the murderers from committing further false flag massacres in the future. The courageous actions of assassinated whistleblowers and witnesses should not be in vain. Share the truth - the accumulated evidence that proves 911 was an inside job - and sink the cover-up.