Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Operation Gladio Revisited

As one of the most thoroughly-documented examples of a decades-long program of officially-sanctioned false flag terror, Operation Gladio remains a woefully under-reported piece of the War on Terror puzzle. Today we go behind the trite summarizations of this program to look at it in-depth, examine its roots, and discover how it is continuing to operate right through to the present day.


Essential information to help understand the present War on Terror. False Flag terror is real. Elements inside Western Governments do organise murder. This has been going on for many decades.

From blog contributor John-Michael Talboo's post "The CIA Commits Over 100,000 Serious Crimes Each Year."
One of the CIA's atrocities that we are aware of still proves the point about 9/11. Operation Gladio was a false-flag terror program set up by the CIA and NATO. Although Gladio was eventually exposed, it was not just a single event, but an ongoing operation that remained secret for decades, in which hundreds of innocent people were killed and injured in terrorist attacks that were blamed on other groups.