Thursday, November 15, 2012

We agree with Colin Powell

We agree with retired General Colin Powell. There is no rational reason why we can’t deal with the deficit if we cut the Pentagon budget, saying “I don’t think the defense budget should be made sacrosanct,”

On CNN’s State of the Union Powell noted that when he was the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Dick Cheney was the Secretary of Defense, they presided over a 25% cut in the Pentagon budget.

Write your Senators and Representative today and tell them to cut the Pentagon budget to save the economy.

Then, please, send this message to your friends.

The Lame Duck session of Congress could decide the future of the economy. While some Congressional leaders fear the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’, Peace Action, and our allies in Congress, are demanding a fiscal showdown.

Will we get on the road to creating jobs while protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security? Or will the ‘austerity’ proponents protect the Pentagon and the 1% and force the rest of society to pay the cost for an economic meltdown caused by runaway military spending, two wars, Wall Street and the banks?
Write your Congressional Representative and tell them: Corporations and the super rich must pay their fair share, end the war and occupation of Afghanistan and the reckless, unnecessary military spending in order to fund jobs. Hands off Social Security, Medicare and other human services.

Colin Powell has affirmed what we’ve been saying all along. Now it’s time for Congress to act. But, in fact, only our staunchest allies are raising the call. That’s why it’s so important you act!

We need an economy that is not dependant on wars and useless weapons and, instead, supports prosperous communities. The future belongs to cutting edge technologies that meet our energy needs without exacerbating global warming. The demand for quality health care, housing and transportation as well as basic needs like adequate supplies of food and clean water is growing.

Every dime spent on research and development of new nuclear weapons or the next generation of fighter jets weakens America’s position in a global economy. The US spends as much on war and weapons as the rest of the world combined.

Tell your Senators and Representative we can no longer afford these twisted priorities.           

Humbly for Peace,
Judith LeBlanc
Field Director
Peace Action

P.S. - Read the fantastic op-ed that Mike Helbick of Peace Action Wisconsin wrote for the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal responding to the lay-offs of military production workers just days before the elections. Then write your Senators and Representative and tell them cut military spending, not Social Security and Medicare!