Saturday, November 17, 2012

Has Ventura's show been hijacked?

So far the third season of Jesse Ventura's show has been disappointing. In episode one they tried to discredit David Icke by insinuating he's just in it for the money, which - agree with Icke's beliefs or disagree with them - is a low blow and totally hypocritical.

This is Icke's residence. And this is Jesse's US residence. Icke devotes every hour of every day to his work, whereas Jesse frequently disappears for several months to go surfing! I don't believe in reptilians, but I'm siding with Icke on this one.

They also manipulatively edited Alex Jones' words to make it seem like he didn't like Icke, causing Icke's fans to accuse Jones of being two-faced - more divide and conquer - and in episode two, Ventura promoted Judy Wood's Directed Energy Weapons BS.

Ventura, an atheist, probably doesn't think much of creationism. Someone should point out to him that Judy Wood's reasoning - "Here's some photos of burnt car roofs that explosives/thermite can't explain, therefore beams from space did it!" - is the same kind of reasoning creationists employ.

Judging by the names and descriptions of the next five episodes, it doesn't look like season three is going to be very good. The only one that looks remotely interesting is the one about underground bunkers, which he already kind of did in season one. Apparently, season 3 was originally supposed to be eight episodes, with the finale exposing the TSA, but Time Warner pulled the plug on that episode. Guess that one was too provably true to be allowed to air.

Shame really, coz the first two seasons were really good. I can think of so many episode ideas that would be perfect for them to do: Fukushima/Radiation, Geo-engineering/chemtrails, Occultism/Bohemian Grove, Eugenics/Transhumanism, Drones/DARPA robots, Cancer/Suppression of alternative treatments, social engineering. And if you wanna do some paranormal ones, how about crop circles or near-death experiences? Those are more credible than time travel and Bigfoot!