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C2CAM - 9-11 Truth - Coast To Coast AM

9/11 material starts at 0:39:27

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Date: 06-09-09 Host: George Noory Guests: Richard Gage, Martine Colette

A practicing architect for 20 years, Richard Gage is the founding member of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth. He discussed the destruction of the three World Trade Center high-rises on 9-11, and why nearly 700 architects and engineers have found evidence for explosive controlled demolition, and are calling for a new investigation. Lauded as an engineering feat when they were constructed, the WTC Towers, according to the official explanation, were said to collapse because of the fires burning on the upper floors. Yet, Gage pointed out that other high-rise buildings with hotter and longer fires never collapsed in this manner.

Further, in the case of fire, if a building was to collapse, it would fall over and not straight down, he said. This type of collapse indicated there was no resistance from the structures below, he added. The collapse of Building 7 was also a curiosity, as the fires seen in photos & videos were fairly small, Gage detailed. However, witnesses near Building 7 said they heard the sounds of explosions, lending credence to the idea that controlled demolitions took place.

Evidence for controlled demolition of the Towers comes from a study by Dr. Steven Jones of the pulverized dust that surrounded the area after the collapse. The material was found to have the chemical signature of thermite, created through nanotechnology, something that military departments have been experimenting with in laboratories. Gage speculated that this thermite might have been planted in the Tower's elevator columns during a lengthy modernization project that was begun 9 months prior to 9-11. Because of this and other evidence, he is calling for a new and independent investigation to uncover the full truth about the events surrounding 9-11. He recommended signing the AE911 Truth Petition and visiting the NYC Coalition for Accountability Now site.


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