Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will the real Osama please stand

They (The FBI) used a Spanish Lawmakers face to show us what Bin Laden would look like today.
They even used his unique facial lines. You know the lines around a persons eyes ect.Those kind of features are unique to each person, sorta like a fingerprint.
The FBI distributed widely the digitally enhanced poster of Osama.
Naturally Gaspar Llamazares was quite horrified to discover that the FBI had used his face for the Osama update.
Here's a quote from this article.
"Gaspar Llamazares of the United Left party said he would no longer feel safe traveling to the United States after his hair and facial wrinkles were taken from the Internet and appeared on a wanted poster updating the U.S. government's 1998 photo of the Al-Qaida leader."

The USA, FBI, CIA psyop hoax of Bin Laden is starting to unravel more and more.
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