Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Christmas Underwear Terrorist

Obama's weekly address talked mainly about Yemen and the terrorist cells of Al-Qaeda.
It seemed to me to be nothing but a bunch of propaganda crap from Obama to justify more war..Obama spent about 20 seconds on our nations security failures and the rest was about getting the terrorist outside our borders in another country.
Well apparently they can't get the terrorist when they are pointed out and warned about IN our country. Why should we believe they can get them elsewhere?
While Obama says that he is going to make sure this does not happen again..that is what we were told after 9/11. The same type of departmental communication failure (that the government claims in it's official conspiracy theory of 9/11 allowed a "terrorist attack"to happen),.. happened again.

The failures and breakdown in communications that allowed this person to get on board that plane after the terrorist's father went to people in American government and said "hey my son is disturbed and going to do something crazy" or the fact that the FBI knew this man was up to something because he was on a watch list.. says more than Obama's words could ever say. Perhaps the problem is that the FBI watch list contains over half a million names.
I am quite sure that many on that list do not deserve to be there. So maybe if the FBI could actually get the real terrorists separate from those that are not terrorist they could get something done.
Either our government is full of irresponsible, bumbling, overpaid, freakin idiots, or that terrorist incident was allowed to happen to justify to us (We The People) why America's sons and daughters are going to be dying in Yemen now.
Obama's speech had nothing to do with focusing on the main problem which is not terrorists, but our government's inability to do its job under the broad sweeping Unconstitutional laws that we already have. Obama said that our Homeland security people deserved to be commended for the excellent job they have been doing that we never hear about. Well my first thought is... why didn't we hear about it... and the second thought I have is... from their actions that we do hear about... you could not prove it.
Ron Paul had something to say about this subject.


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