Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Truth Hurts

Pat Curley of the Screw Loose Change blog recently let his readers know why he doesn't have have Google ads on his blog:

If you want to know why we don't have Google Ads around here, this is one major reason why. I opened up my G-mailbox this morning and saw this:
Yep, good old Russia Today, with an article extolling the virtues of that piece of Italian dreck, Zero.
Good old Russia Today indeed:

RT (TV network)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


In 2007, RT's share of monthly audience among NTV Plus viewers in Moscow exceeded those of CNN and Bloomberg.[4]

In December 2007, RT programmes were displayed in New York on America's main information video walls, NASDAQ and Reuters. On New Year's Eve, RT's New Year's programme from Moscow and St. Petersburg was displayed live on the NASDAQ and Reuters screens for the thousands of people celebrating in Times Square.[4]

In August 2007, RT had television's first ever live report from the North Pole, which lasted 5 minutes 41 seconds. An RT crew participated in the Arktika 2007 Russian polar expedition, led by Artur Chilingarov on the Akademik Fyodorov icebreaker.[5]

In June 2007, RT was one of the first Russian TV channels to have its own channel on YouTube, the leading video hosting site on the Internet. In January 2008, the total number of views for RT videos on YouTube was over 3 million, and RT was sixth in YouTube's Most Viewed Partners rating, leaving behind CBS, BBC World, Al Jazeera English, and France 24.[4]

Professional awards

In January 2009 Silver World Medal for Best News Documentary “A city of desolate mothers” from the New York Festivals

In November 2008 Special Jury Award in the Best Creative Feature category for a Russian Glamour feature story at Media Excellence Awards in London.

In September 2008 Russia's most prestigious broadcasting award TEFI in Best News Anchor category.

In November 2007, RT's report on the anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe received a special prize from the international 2007 AIB Media Excellence Awards[6] in the News Coverage category. Other nominees included major international broadcasters such as BBC, France 24, Deutsche Welle, CBS, Al Arabiya, and others. There was only one story by CBS News which rated higher than RT and it received the Grand Prix.

In September 2007, the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio[7] awarded RT with the Prize for Professional Skillfulness.

In June 2007, the 11th "Save and Preserve" International Environmental Television Festival[8] awarded its Grand Prix to RT's Meeting with Nature series. There were 284 entries competing in 10 categories, including a work by German TV channel Deutsche Welle.

In September 2006, the 10th "Golden Tambourine" International Festival for Television programmes and films[9] awarded RT's documentary People of the Bering Strait in the Ethnography and Travel category.
And the article doesn't exactly "extol the virtues" of the film, while it does state in the headline that the film "reveals shocking facts," it does not claim that these facts mean 9/11 was an inside job. All in all it reports objectively on the premise of the film and the material contained within, using the phrases "the makers of the documentary claim," and "the film claims."

In essence the article does what the American media should be doing; reporting on the political reality of the 9/11 truth movement without relying on propagandist ad hominem attacks.

Another fine example of the foreign press doing the job of real journalism took place earlier this year when a 9/11 media breakthrough took place on Denmark television.

As an article by Bill Douglas, who is co-founder of the National911Visibility.org pointed out, the 9/11 truth movement has been exploding in the worldwide press, making it the U.S. media's dirty little secret.

And contrary to what Pat Curley would have you believe the Hard Evidence Down Under Tour that has just wrapped up is reported to have been an amazing success.

I was going to publish this blog at this point, but upon doing some more research I have switched my position. I'm sure this will come at the dismay of my readers, but I am now officially changing camps, sorry folks, I was wrong, 9/11 happened exactly as advertised.

The foreign press obviously just reports on the 9/11 twoof movement as it does because all of the world hates America. If only these top military leaders who question the official 9/11 story had not read articles in the foreign press! I bet this anti-American propaganda also caused those members of the 9/11 Commission who have decried their own report to turn to such kookery as well. The nearly 1,000 members of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have certainly also been victimized by the likes of Russia Today. Good thing they don't have any structural engineers among their ranks, or I would really be worried for this great nation of ours. I could go on, but you get the point. The foreign press is a scourge that must be purged!

I hope and pray that you all can forgive me for leading you astray. I'm very ashamed of myself. A good American should never trust the foreign press or question their government. All this time I claimed to be the true patriot, but I was just a hypocrite.

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